Violet Calliope Geranium  

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Uploaded: 09/15/22 7:26 PM GMT
Violet Calliope Geranium
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This is another of my geraniums taken with my new camera. The camera is another Nikon (that makes 4). I'm still waiting on another lens to arrive - a new macro lens. My foofy for this Friday.


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09/15/22 10:17 PM GMT
Really like the wonderful pinks in the blossoms, in full I see a little bug on the one on the right near the centre.
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09/16/22 8:36 AM GMT
Kathy, with the second one taken with your new camera my expectation (promising results) already has become true!
Lovely Foofy Friday (F) contribution again!
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09/16/22 6:19 PM GMT
Love the bold and vivid color of that geranium Kathy - Very Nicely Done!!!!!!!!
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09/17/22 6:51 AM GMT
Nature gives us so much to appreciate and you bring this to us... thanks.
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09/19/22 7:39 PM GMT
This color pops, very nice Kathy! Ok now I'm curious what lens are you waiting on? Curious minds would like to know! :) tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/27/22 7:37 PM GMT
Years ago I had an office partner who had a suit jacket (is that what one calls them for a woman?) of this exact color and intensity of hue, and as a gag gift for her at the office Christmas party, I gave her a fake fabricated battery pack, for whenever her jacket might lose its ability to pump out its normal 4,000 lumens. A little hard on the eyes for an article of clothing but it works great for a flower foof. Three thumbs up (we all have four on my home planet but I lost one).

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