"Negative Space" Contest Results

Submitted by purmusic 04/19/09 6:07 PM GMT

The contest gauntlet was laid down ... and once again, the membership rose to the challenge at hand.
A big well done to all who participated in the "Negative Space" contest. Take a bow, people, you deserve it. For your work and creativity behind your entries and submissions, passing word along of the contest to newer/other members, and for assisting one another in defining the contest's concept. Thank you very much for the show of community spirit that is And again, some wonderful imagery will take their respectful and rightful places along side those of the site's past run contests in the contest gallery archives.

And .. (*drumroll*) .. the winners are. Each of the four winners has received a 3-month Cadre membership.


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04/19/09 6:26 PM GMT
Oh, applause, applause...and congratulations to all the winners...excellent choices, though I have to say everyone did a wonderful job in their varied and individual interpretations...I also want to say a big Thank You to Les and caedes for this particular contest...I really felt I learned something from it and will be giving more attention to the negative space in my photos in future.
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04/19/09 7:41 PM GMT
Like Pat said a good good choise.

Congrats to the four winners.

Well deserved:))
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Carpe Diem
04/19/09 7:49 PM GMT
Congrats to all the winners...and thank you to Les and everyone else who gave so much time and effort to the contest. Certainly difficult to come up with winners with so many differrent and diverse entries!

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04/19/09 9:35 PM GMT
yay! at last the results... congratulations to all the other winners, and thanks to everyone that voted for mine! :-) . im chuffed! god job to les and everyone else behind the scenes... cookies coming up.. lol
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04/19/09 9:40 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners & honorable mentions. The contest was a challenging one indeed. Then to all the members that participated ... a very well done with your entries. I did enjoy each one & it's fun to see everyone's creative interpretation of the theme.

A special thanks to Les & *caedes for bringing us this contest.

Looking forward to the next contest. :-))
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04/19/09 9:59 PM GMT
I too want to congratulate the winners and honorable mentions. This was a very good contest and the winners deserve the spotlight. =^..^= sandi ♪
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04/20/09 12:50 AM GMT
Congrats to all the winners. Peej, Jan, Darryn, and Toto_san. All deserving and wonderful submissions to the contest. and to Rob and timo for honorable mention......good job men. Yayness all over the world. Lion dances. :) Thanks to you too Les.....I kept tellin' everyone around here you were good for somethin' ....and I was right. LOL Smile Les.....and last but not least to our dear leader Caedes for a fine contest. We will await the next one with bated breath. :) John
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04/20/09 2:23 AM GMT
I'm honored to be among the winners. Congrats to all the other winners and honorable mentions... and not to copy Jan, thank you everyone who voted for my Passing Through zebras. I feel very honored.

Obviously, I really enjoyed partcipating in this contest!!!

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04/20/09 2:31 AM GMT
Nice, nice. :o)

Annnnd ... thank you, *caedes. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. :o)
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04/20/09 3:29 AM GMT
Congrats to you all! Wonderful entries!
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04/20/09 4:13 AM GMT
MyGrats [:o)] to all participants and also to the judges!
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04/20/09 6:39 AM GMT
Congrats to all winners and runners up, and also everyone else who had an entry... negative space was a great subject - I certainly had fun with it out in the 'field' - and judging by the entries, there was a ton of creativity out there... And... a big thank you to Les and Caedes for a race well run!
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04/20/09 9:45 AM GMT
BIG congrats to all the winners and to all who took place in this great contest!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
04/20/09 10:37 AM GMT
Wow CONGRATS dear friends, u people deserve it... The entries were absolutely stunning....
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04/20/09 1:50 PM GMT
your winning posts deserved the accolades. i enjoyed each of them so much and was delighted to see who won.
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04/20/09 4:18 PM GMT
A most hearty congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved awards and an impressive response to the contest.
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04/20/09 4:48 PM GMT
Congrats to all the was a really fun contast. Looking forward to the next one!!
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04/20/09 6:12 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners. Well deserved images with some well deserved awards. Well done and thanks to eveybody who help put this together and see it through.....Looking forward to the next contest.
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04/20/09 10:26 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners - there were some impressive images in the contest and I am glad to see at least one that I voted for up there in the top 4. Well done everyone and thanks Les for all your hard work and patience hmmmm ...I think we got the idea eventually. lol!
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04/20/09 11:52 PM GMT
Please allow me to add my congrats to the winners and a big thank you to you Les for managing this contest. All was well done!
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04/21/09 4:12 AM GMT
Well done all!!!
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04/21/09 12:36 AM GMT
Well done everyone, perfect choices, congratulations:)
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04/21/09 3:12 PM GMT
probably some of the best thought out entries we've had for a contest for a while - well done all inc. the venerable Les :-)
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04/21/09 6:09 PM GMT
congrats winners! =)
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I did it!
04/22/09 1:14 AM GMT
Congrats to the four winners. As mentioned already, quite a few of you really stepped it up a notch! There were some very imaginitive and fun posts.

I'd like to say thanks for the honorable mention. Given the stiff competiton, I'm lucky to have even gotten that.

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04/23/09 6:24 AM GMT
Probably the most interesting contest since the beginning.
Congrats to all for the very original works :-)
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04/23/09 7:14 PM GMT
Congratulations to you four, you really deserved it and I'm not very disappointed I didn't win ;o)
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04/27/09 9:07 PM GMT
Congratulations to PJ, Jan, Darryn, Rob and Timo. I am really thankful who voted my shot 'Winter #2'. I also must say it was one of the best contests since I am here. I have learnt a lot from it. Thank you Les and Caedes.
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05/01/09 12:08 AM GMT
Congrats to the Winners!
All were quite deserving entries.

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
05/06/09 3:11 AM GMT
Good work winners!
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05/25/09 1:41 AM GMT
Congratulations! Some awesome images!
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