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Maria Yulita Oscar
19 Jul 1985 (34 years) 
06/18/08 4:40 AM GMT12/09/12 12:19 AM GMT 

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Butterfly 2 Uploaded: 04/30/10 5:17 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly 2

Just another beautiful butterfly, stopping for rest on another beautiful green tree... ^_^

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Christmas Candle by ita_85, holidays->christmas gallery Butterfly 2 by ita_85, Photography->Butterflies gallery We're Coming! by ita_85, photography->pets gallery
Christmas Candle Butterfly 2 We're Coming!


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06/19/08 12:59 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes! You have a very nice first image and I hope to see lots of great ones in the future! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or any other person around, no one bites ;).
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Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
06/23/08 4:36 AM GMT
Thanks so much Marita for your nice comment on Hands Across The Water. I feel like that is what we have here. Hands Across The Water. Nice to meet you and welcome to Caedes.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
06/23/08 10:02 AM GMT
Hello Maria, thanks for posting your comments on "The Windy City". I was trying to frame the city, sky, grass and water for the most part it worked out pretty good. I hope to hear from you more and welcome to Caedes.

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06/23/08 2:53 PM GMT
Thank you for stopping by "Pale Pink Rhododendron" Maria and leaving a comment! Sure you can use it for your card, do you make your own? Also, Welcome to Caedes and I hope to see more of your posts!
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carissa =D
06/23/08 3:53 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on "A Touch Of Sunshine #4". The Virginia creeper looks lovely, we're lucky our neighbours planted it!!
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"I've searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees. ." G. K. Chesterton. No committees were harmed in the making of my gallery. Please look Here
06/29/08 7:10 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my Phoenix artwork, i was wondering what you meant by adding yellow into it? Which parts? cause im always looking to improve =)
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Into the darkness we fall
07/22/08 5:44 PM GMT
It's very nice along this river, especially if you are a fisherman. :))
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03/08/09 1:55 AM GMT
Hi Maria
Thank you for your nice comment on "Ghost Castle" I appreciate your time:)
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03/08/09 6:43 PM GMT
thank you for supporting the US Marines! I see your from Indonesia. Have you lived there your whole life? I am in Florida at Pensacola Christian College and we have about 150 Indonesians. They are the most awesome people to hang around with. Well...Once again thank you for your comment.
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04/09/09 2:34 PM GMT
Thank you very much for your nice comment on Home sweet home, really enjoyed that you took time to comment it ^^
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06/02/09 7:03 PM GMT
Thank you very much for the comment on "Flower Face"!
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"They say time changes things, but you really have to change them your self."
06/06/09 7:35 PM GMT
Thank you so much for the comment on Tibble Fork. Very nice. It's much appreciated.
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06/27/09 1:57 PM GMT
Hi Maria,

I am glad you liked my Vera Saterium 2. Thank a lot!

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“The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.” - Thomas Hardy
03/13/10 6:25 PM GMT
Yes, I love building from those model kits! Although I have to say I'm not very good, haha.
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03/19/10 6:04 PM GMT
Hello Maria,
thank you so much for the kind words and for the fave on "White Tunnel", greatly appreciated!

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03/24/10 7:25 PM GMT
Hi Maria! Thanks so much for commenting on "Mine"! I really do appreciate it!! :) Steve
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03/29/10 2:17 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Stuck between 23 & 25
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05/08/10 2:11 PM GMT
Hi Maria
Thanks for your comment on "Just Heavenly". After you mentioned his eye looking like a woman's eye I had to take a look again! Your right! It does look like he has makeup on! :)
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05/08/10 11:29 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Bottles away...". Yes, "museu" is the portuguese word for "museum". The museum is part of a foundation in Portugal called the Fundação Oriente established by a tourism organization in Macau, headquartered in Lisbon. The museum holds exhibitions allusive to many distinct Asian cultures and the Portuguese presence in Asia. :) Thanks again, bless you!
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.~*TheFaerie*~. - Together with death comes hope and rebirth.
05/16/10 5:56 AM GMT
HI Maria Julita, many thanks for your gracious comment on "How are you, my friend?"
It is really appreciated.
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06/07/10 9:34 AM GMT
Salamat Pagi! It's nice to see someone from Indonesia here! My wife is from Ambon. I look forward to seeing your work.
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The thing that goes the farthest, towards making life worthwhile, it costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.

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