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A hawk landed on a fencepost as I was driving down a busy highway. I was going 60mph at the time. I turned around, drove back by the hawk, and after a safe distance, turned around again and drove slowly back. That is the good news. The bad news is all that I had was my Nikon Coolpix S9500. I had left the Nikon D7000 with the big gun at home. It stayed long enough for me to get one shot.

The texture is courtesy of Lenabem-Anna J. on Flickr.


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12/13/14 7:25 PM GMT
I'm somewhat disappointed Tick. Thought that you had even the D7000 with the big gun under your pillow while sleeping, LOL!!

Must say however that you've achieved the optimal result by using your creativity and the S9500, resulting in a picturesque creation/manipulation.

Very well done Owd Fella!
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12/13/14 7:31 PM GMT
Wow this is one beautifully looking piece of photo art work I love how you have the bird in line with the sun light and the colour tones or superb in this scene and you add a great looking background .Well done to a great looking piece of work.
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12/13/14 7:54 PM GMT
You, the Coolpix and some talented post work have created a beautiful image, TicK. Fantastico!
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12/13/14 8:05 PM GMT
Super shot and excellent work Tick.
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12/13/14 8:32 PM GMT
This makes me think of Hawk Harrelson, and the song "By The Light of The Silvery Moon." Herman The Worm sang ...I was sitting on my fence post chewing my bubble gum...but I'm afraid that ol' Herman wouldn't last too long around that hawk. lol. Beautiful work on this, Tick. I love the texture you used.
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12/13/14 9:25 PM GMT
Your editing really is so well done Tick, you were so lucky it stayed put even for one shot, I give you a big thumbs up on the editing, excellent results. tigz=^..^=
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12/13/14 9:48 PM GMT
I remember her textures from flickr tick and you put this one to perfect use - a beautiful job done here.
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12/13/14 10:12 PM GMT
You got the light shining on the hawk Tick and you did a good job with the manipulation.
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12/14/14 12:49 AM GMT
Totally gorgeous and super outstanding post work Tick!!! Wowzer and a keeper!!!!!!
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12/14/14 1:51 AM GMT
its a beautiful piece of work TicK. been trying to get one of those birds myself out back for some time now..he's not very cooperative may i add, maybe i should try driving the truck through the field past him at about 60mph first? you think they like strawberry jam? ☺
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12/14/14 3:49 AM GMT
This is beautiful work of art...the harvest moon, the hawk on the post, the field of grain. I like it very much.
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12/14/14 9:41 AM GMT
This is 'Not' what yer owd teacher taught you owd mate!...You Must carry your 'tool' at all times!...(Like me)..

You did manage to capture a beauty with the 'Cooly' though!...

A nice piece of work with the textures too!....
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12/14/14 7:32 PM GMT
Very nice work! Excellent result!
I took a similar hawk photo recently, and it needs a background, I may have to try something similar.
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
12/14/14 9:39 PM GMT
Tick, I've had the same thing happen to me ... except when I reached into my purse my Nikon Coolpix wasn't in there & I left the big gun at home.

I like the textured postwork & the moon adds some lighting around the hawk. Outstanding!

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12/15/14 1:20 AM GMT
This is just phenomenal, surely glad you turned and went bac, I love this work.
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12/15/14 6:42 PM GMT
Way to make the most out of a little. I am guessing an immature
Red Tail. They are not as skidish. Also the large amount of white on the breast. The feathers turn red on the adults.
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12/15/14 7:05 PM GMT
...and the really good news is that it all turned out pretty freakin' terrific after all, even using the Coolpix. Your post-shutter work really paid off, Ron. This is outstanding.

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12/15/14 8:36 PM GMT
This is a beauty Tick - looks like an expensive painting.
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12/15/14 11:58 PM GMT
Tick - The texture in post-photo work adds much to this fine image. Kudos! Thad
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12/17/14 10:16 PM GMT
Tick I like every thing about this light composition subject color texture pixel perfect work hats off to you frame and sell to a gallery.

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12/18/14 11:35 PM GMT
Well, I absolutely love the posting & you and your camera did a Spectacular job. Love the post work, right into my favs
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01/09/15 11:45 PM GMT
It's not the camera that makes the shot great, but the photographer. And this is one great shot.
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06/07/18 2:03 PM GMT
Tick, excellent art. BTW, look at all the artists who commented on your 2014 picture who are no longer with us on Caedes.
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