Palmyra Log Cabin  

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Uploaded: 05/03/19 6:15 PM GMT
Palmyra Log Cabin
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I believe this is a replica of the original settler's log cabin in Palmyra, Mo. The day was quite sunny and it produced some wonderful colors and shadows. Perhaps this will be my entry into the Shadows Contest.


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05/03/19 7:01 PM GMT
And a good it will be too...I could live in that quite wouldn't take much cleaning.
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05/03/19 8:12 PM GMT
Great image Tick - love this early American house - looks to be so cozy - in addition to the shadows, the textures of the stonework and logs really stand out - Nicely Done - would make a fine entry for the current contest!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-)
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05/03/19 8:48 PM GMT
In the town where I live, there is a log cabin, on display, downtown. About the same size as this one. The family who built it way back when was a family of nine. Its lawn is also well manicured, today, by a machine. If only our ancestors had machines, they could have saved on their brawn a bit.
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05/03/19 9:20 PM GMT
You are right about the lighting and shadows in this Tick looks like a little HDR as well.
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05/03/19 9:23 PM GMT
This is a beautiful shot of the log cabin with all the shadows and patches on it. A very good entry for the contest Tick.
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05/03/19 9:34 PM GMT
Lovely shadows, great textures, and fascinating piece of American history...would make a great of luck should this be your choice.
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05/03/19 11:14 PM GMT
Fine capture of the little cabin and good one for the contest.
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05/03/19 11:14 PM GMT
I really like how this turned out with the shadow play, and the overall scene is lovely, very well composed! tigz=^..^=
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05/04/19 9:04 AM GMT
As far as I can see the "airconditioning" is 'optima forma'!
Nice shot for the 'Shadow' contest, Ron
Wish you Good luck !
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05/04/19 10:53 AM GMT
I'm guessing the close crop on the sides was due to not quite so special structures on either side? Cuz the cabin is pretty dang special on its own. Love that natural chimney and the shadows here definitely qualify it for the current Shadows contest. I suppose the iron bars on the door and window are to keep the structure and its contents safe, an unfortunate statement about our society... I'll just pretend they're not there. Happy Trails, Ron.

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05/04/19 11:15 AM GMT
Owd Fella Tick (OFT), this is a perfect entry for the 'Shadows' contest! See that it's already added to the list with entries.
Good Luck with it!
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05/04/19 1:52 PM GMT
Of this is just gorgeous!
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05/05/19 10:33 PM GMT
That's a winner Tick!! What a beautiful structure and your outcome is perfect:)
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05/09/19 6:58 PM GMT
A very nice take.....R.
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05/11/19 4:49 PM GMT
Marvelous shot and the play of shadows plus your post work, good luck
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