Autumn-oil painting  

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Uploaded: 10/31/07 6:55 PM GMT
Autumn-oil painting
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a very old oil painting ,inherited from my Grandma..I hope you'll enjoy..


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10/31/07 8:48 PM GMT
Adriana, wonderful image of a beautiful painting. It's not clear to me whether your late Grandma painted this painting itself or that it was painted by another painter. In any case you posesses now a wonderful piece of art. Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
10/31/07 9:25 PM GMT
I was wondering that too. Did your grandmother paint this? If she did, she had a lot of talent. Thanks for sharing this painting with us.

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Imagine you are there
10/31/07 9:40 PM GMT
It was painted in 1930 by a Romanian painter,not very famous,but very's a family heritage...Thanks ,my friends!
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10/31/07 10:07 PM GMT
Had to put it in the faves. It's beautiful and your grandmother must have loved you a lot to pass it on. Thanks for sharing Dr. Quinn.

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10/31/07 11:19 PM GMT
isn't it wonderful Adriana! You must be proud to own it!
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10/31/07 11:25 PM GMT
Nice shot, nice painting!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
10/31/07 11:36 PM GMT
Its a lovely painting, such nice colours.
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11/01/07 12:25 AM GMT
Working on that framing, my dear. This is certainly a very lovely piece.

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11/01/07 12:45 AM GMT
Wonderful painting and gloriously captured.
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11/01/07 1:04 AM GMT
Very nice colors,it looks beautiful.
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11/01/07 8:01 AM GMT
Very beautiful painting your grandmother left you!
If I where you I would cherish it and someday (hopefully very far away) give it to a child or grandchild!
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* Gabrielle *
11/01/07 10:07 AM GMT
...And a beautiful heirloom it is! Thanks for sharing...
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11/01/07 10:34 AM GMT
So Wonderful painting,Adriana..Beautiful imago..
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11/01/07 11:43 AM GMT
Excellent painting, beautiful shot.
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11/02/07 3:23 PM GMT
This is so beautiful - P.j. offered a link to this stunning painting. sandi♥
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11/02/07 8:51 PM GMT
What a treasure. It's a fine painting. :)
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11/03/07 12:36 AM GMT
You're fortunate to have such a beautiful inheritance, he was very talented! Thanks for sharing it!
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11/03/07 6:31 AM GMT
This is beautiful have done great job in capturing this masterpiece...gerry
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11/04/07 1:45 AM GMT
Oh yes, I think it is that lovely. First I thought you did a great job and used some kind of manipulation, to make it look like a drawing - I am impressed, how good this artist worked. Thanks for sharing.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted High Life
11/06/07 1:38 AM GMT
Beautiful painting and you captured it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing.
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11/14/07 8:26 AM GMT
Just to let you know that I got this magnificent piece of art in the VB!!!

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01/05/08 7:18 PM GMT
just beautiful!
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02/24/08 10:25 PM GMT
paintings like this are beautiful forever.
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sorry if i don't comment on each of your pictures. to those of you who comment so often, i can't imagine how you get it done! Please Visit My Gallery
03/03/08 11:15 PM GMT
This is very beautiful. Who is it by?
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03/23/08 5:08 AM GMT
this is such a wonderful painting, the person that painted this is extremly talented.
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03/27/08 5:10 AM GMT
just beautiful! i love the colors
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08/06/08 4:52 PM GMT
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12/31/08 7:32 PM GMT
That is so beautiful! I love to oil paint, but I can never get good ideas for paintings. Did your Grandma paint that? LUV it.
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04/13/09 12:22 AM GMT
This is very nice Adriana. Nice picture:)
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05/31/09 7:42 PM GMT
Unique. Invokes a sense of reality without losing it's "fairy tale like" feel.
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03/10/11 4:53 AM GMT
very very beautiful.......
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