Living Color 1  

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Uploaded: 10/28/12 4:41 PM GMT
Living Color 1
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The organisms that grow and thrive in and around the streams and pools of Yellowstone, show off in an array of stunning color.


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10/28/12 4:54 PM GMT
This would make a great background for layering, Vanda. Love the textures and coloring. I might use it some time with your approval of course.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
10/28/12 6:23 PM GMT
Amazing capture Vanda. The colors are so true to form. Nice work.
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10/28/12 7:06 PM GMT
Very Beautiful and a very good shot.
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10/28/12 7:18 PM GMT
Stunning color is right! Gorgeous shot, Vanda.
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10/28/12 10:38 PM GMT
Great array of colors is right. I love the details too.
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10/29/12 1:58 AM GMT
I never knew, good looking stuff here
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I Love Cloudy Days
10/29/12 6:08 AM GMT
I've seen plenty of photos of these brightly colored pools of microscopic critters, but all from a distance, showing the entire pool, including those photos of my son and daughter-in-law, who were there for their honeymoon two months ago. This close up gives me a rare insight into the actual texture of these surfaces. Thank you, Vanda. I'll make sure the kids see this one.

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10/29/12 8:04 AM GMT
Wonderful shot, Vanda. The colors are so beautiful and real. Nice work.
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10/29/12 8:31 AM GMT
Lovely capture, great and intense colors, nice presented. Very beautiful work.
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