The Yearling 2  

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Uploaded: 06/06/10 3:51 PM GMT
The Yearling 2
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Young Starling on Lindifarne Island


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06/06/10 4:02 PM GMT
This is a total stunner, Richie. I can hardly imagine the details being any clearer or crisper. I can certainly see why you decided to return to Nikon!
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06/06/10 4:03 PM GMT
The colors and clarity are really unmatched.
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06/06/10 4:11 PM GMT
They sing such nice tunes too!..

Looking at the markings, it seems to be a 'heart' breaker eh!..

Crisp capture!....
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* Owing to the deterioration in my hands, I find that I cannot comment as much as I should..But please know...I do look at all your posts!..and will leave my 'moniker' >OB< when I do so!...Thank you all * OwdBob'sGallery
06/06/10 5:26 PM GMT
Thanks ... been waiting to see this one, and it was worth the wait!! Excellent shot, with your skills, and the gear that you used. I hope you don't loose out on 'trading deals' like I have done in the past. Glad you are enjoying this hobby, and your new gear.

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06/06/10 5:52 PM GMT
Bruce has said it to me.Fabulous,Richie.
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06/06/10 6:37 PM GMT
Think we all try to improve ourselves Richie, but this one can't be improved, as it's a perfect one.
Reghards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
06/06/10 8:54 PM GMT
Like Bruce said I also cannot imagine that this image can get any better than this, Richie. This is fit for the National Geographic and that says all.
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06/06/10 10:54 PM GMT
-((*-::-*))- Magnificent Shot -(( *-::-*))-
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
06/07/10 12:51 AM GMT
Richie, I think he is listening for your shutter click! He is holding his pose as long as he can! lol. Anither excellent photo.
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06/07/10 1:50 AM GMT
The colors and clarity of this shot are perfect! I like the fact that you gave him most of the frame without cropping to close. The green backdrop is perfect for highlighting his colors.
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06/07/10 2:53 AM GMT
I have to admit this is really clear Count B. Maybe there is something to the Nikon vs Canon rivalry.


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06/07/10 1:00 PM GMT
Beautiful old shot.
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06/07/10 11:51 PM GMT
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/08/10 5:13 PM GMT
This is good alright-VERY GOOD! Plum excellent. KEEP-PAH!
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06/10/10 5:17 PM GMT
Top notch bird photography, very well captured.
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06/12/10 3:59 PM GMT
Positively exquisite image Richie!!! What a beautiful creature he/she is and such a good job presenting this:) A wow factor of around 9 or 10? Is that high enough?:):)
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06/12/10 7:45 PM GMT
Finally! A c-index rating that fits the submission. A gorgeously clear shot, Richie, with perfect contrast in the coloring of the feathers. I can even make out the bead-like fleshy edging around his eye. This could easily have won the "Depth of Field" contest, or placed in the top three, at any rate. Beautiful.

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07/02/10 3:50 PM GMT
Ok, I'm not going to lie to you I'm not a big bird person, BUT I had to come comment. This Photo is AMAZING. The detail is ridiculous, and the image is clear and sharp! That's hard to do when photographing anything living, especially a fast little bird! Well done! I bow done to you on this one!
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07/19/10 2:19 AM GMT
So crisp clear and well composed. Top marks, well done.
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