Elegant Curves  

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Uploaded: 09/27/10 1:50 AM GMT
Elegant Curves
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Ha!! Fooled all of you. This is a 50s model ford that was in a car show this weekend and thought it perfect for the simplicity contest. I hope you all enjoy.


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09/27/10 1:54 AM GMT
You are right there!!! Beautiful, simple and elegant curves. They don't make them like they use to. Good luck with the contest.
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09/27/10 1:56 AM GMT
A very nice angle on some classic lines! Beauty.
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09/27/10 2:07 AM GMT
As soon as I saw this and before reading your intro I immediately thought this would be a cool entry for the simplicity contest...lovely car and of luck.
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09/27/10 2:21 AM GMT
A sexy auto shot Billy. Done just right my friend. Faved.

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09/27/10 2:23 AM GMT
Great eye! Love that color. What an interesting design on the headlight. Thank you for sharing it.
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09/27/10 2:34 AM GMT
Billy - A Cobra emblem on the hood? Great curves on this auto. The color is part of the allure of this car. Thad
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09/27/10 2:51 AM GMT
Great looking curves even if it is a car!
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09/27/10 3:33 AM GMT
Really nice curves my friend. Be careful the misses might get jealous. LOL!! This well presented with great color.

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09/27/10 6:42 AM GMT
Drat and double drat..You had me going there..Still good luck with this good shot..R.
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09/27/10 8:48 AM GMT
I expected roads, but I wasn't far away, this is for the roads. LOL Nice shot and good luck.
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09/27/10 9:20 AM GMT
You've fooled me indeed Billy with your misleading title, Thanks, mate, lol!!
Good entry, Good Luck with it in the contest.
Regards, Cornelius
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09/27/10 2:40 PM GMT
The photo of a part of the car looks very good,Billy,the red color is very nice,very good clarity too,good luck in the contest.
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09/27/10 5:05 PM GMT
So Beautiful curves,Billy.Wonderful entry.Good luck.
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09/27/10 5:44 PM GMT
Nice shot Billy! I think the model year would be closer to the '39 -'40 era, the 50's model fords had a completely different body style. The Cobra emblem probably is a clue to what is under the hood I would guess (to answer luckyshot).
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
09/27/10 7:18 PM GMT
This one is beautiful from the thumbnail, and stunning full screen. Good luck in the contest!
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09/27/10 7:44 PM GMT
Very nice, Billy. Nicely composed. Great color and resolution.

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09/28/10 2:17 AM GMT
Good idea for the contest as reds can be tricky to handle.
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09/28/10 6:04 AM GMT
They just don't make automobiles like this anymore. Beautifully presented. Best of luck in the contest!
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09/30/10 1:51 AM GMT
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ Best of luck to you in the contest!!♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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10/15/10 2:03 PM GMT
Congratulations on your placement in the contest Billy. Well deserved, this is a fine photo :)
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10/15/10 2:32 PM GMT
Congrats, Billy! Simply wonderful.
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10/15/10 5:49 PM GMT
Congratulations on your win Billy a very good entry it is.

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10/19/10 2:30 PM GMT
Congratulations! I love that red color.
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