Maritime Contradiction (B&W)  

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Uploaded: 01/03/17 8:41 AM GMT
Maritime Contradiction (B&W)
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Think that the combination of title and image speaks for itself.

My weekly entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge (BWC) to resume on January 18th, 2017.


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01/03/17 9:09 AM GMT
Young and Old..Mono looks good....R.
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01/03/17 5:04 PM GMT
This really turned out good! I agree with R. about the comparison. I think it's perfect for the challenge. tigs=^..^=
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01/03/17 5:26 PM GMT
Nice b/w image showing the black hull of the old sailing vessel and the white hull of the super modern yacht of eome Billionaire. Good contrast for sure Cornelius.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
01/03/17 10:48 PM GMT
I like the old ones , they have more character. A great B&W.
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01/04/17 12:39 AM GMT
It is a good contrast, Mr. C. Since you have such ready access to docks, is there a possibility of placing your camera in such a position to capture the yacht (or some yacht) in the lower foreground? With one of these masted museums behind the yacht? If the camera angle is low enough you could get a capture that makes it appear as though a modern yacht was using masts and sails for its propulsion... just a thought.

Happy New Year!

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01/04/17 2:58 AM GMT
Beautiful B/W, I really like this one, you did great
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01/04/17 8:21 AM GMT
Oh, now I know it's Wednesday. LOL Great one, Cornelius. Good luck, my friend.
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01/04/17 9:20 AM GMT
The contrast between old and modern is good good. Methinks the tallship is from Russia? Great shot Mr.C
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Carpe Diem!
01/04/17 10:45 AM GMT
Els (twinkel) is right in her above comment. It's the Russian frigate 'Shtandart' during a port call in Flushing, Zeeland, The Netherlands. The yacht at the background is a brand new one and not commissioned yet. Therefore it's still at the shipyard at the background. In contradiction to what 'Nik' (Nikoneer) supposed in his above comment, I hadn't access to this shipyard, so my composition was the best achievable result!
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01/08/17 11:46 AM GMT
Excellent capture Cornelius. Both vessels have their own charm with their design at opposite ends of the spectrum. To look at, the old is beautiful but for comfort I believe the modern would win !
Added to the slowly growing list for the BWC restart next week - thank you !
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01/09/17 7:49 AM GMT
yes, you got a "twofer" two for one here Mr.C excellent eye. makes for a great B/W. I would love to see more of that older vessal Sir. they truly amaze me. dont get me wrong, I love what you do have posted here.
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01/09/17 7:30 PM GMT
Oh my what a gorgeous B/W, really makes that tall ship look really old. Brilliant
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01/09/17 9:44 PM GMT
Interesting capture C well done.

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01/10/17 7:03 PM GMT
Good luck with the challenge.
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