Countryside Ride 2  

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Uploaded: 08/12/17 2:07 AM GMT
Countryside Ride 2
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The Zeeland draft horses foundation has recently organized a scenic countryside ride on the peninsula South-Beveland, Zeeland, The Netherlands, with ten authentic/antique carriages pulled by draft horses. Some of the 'passengers' were wearing traditional costumes.

This is the 2nd on of a this series, showing show you from time to time some images of this event.


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08/12/17 5:49 AM GMT
Well now this is a real bonus! We get this scenic draft horse drive coming and going. So did you edit out the poo on the road yourself or did you get the same little kids, scoop shovel, and garbage can on wheels that follow the horses in our parades to help you out?

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08/12/17 7:50 AM GMT
You should have asked to go on one C....Imagine the pics you could have taken eh!

Wonderful & Nostalgic!...
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08/12/17 8:50 AM GMT
What a beautiful and peaceful scene and such a good photo of it. Well composed image with lovely colors and details. Excellent !
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08/12/17 11:21 AM GMT
As always you nailed color and composition C a beautiful capture.

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08/12/17 11:36 AM GMT
A timeless image Cornelius - would be a good picture for the Tourist Board. It has made me want to ride in one of those carriages :)
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08/12/17 1:27 PM GMT
Oh I love the idea they had for this, and what you did a beautiful job of capturing the moment. I think you should show them this they might like to use it for advertising. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
08/12/17 2:34 PM GMT
Looks like a peaceful day out SEA. If this were a NASCAR event, the ones behind would be drafting on the leaders. :)
Well captured from the horse's point of view.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
08/12/17 9:42 PM GMT
Excellent capture of a charming scene Mr. C. - your tourist board should hire you!
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08/14/17 5:53 PM GMT
Magnificent capture and love the angle showing us them going up through this beautiful scene and village. Downloaded right into my favs
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