to infinity and beyond................  

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Uploaded: 03/22/08 9:44 PM GMT
to infinity and beyond................
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...looking over Derbyshire this afternoon with the sun shining down on me, but in the distance you can see the menacing storm approaching and your vision becomes impaired as you try to see far into the distance. I liked the mood of the change of lighting here. The snow and rain soon moved in but I was glad to find retreat at Treak cliff cavern where they serve a nice mug of 'hot tea' ;) You can see the cavern on the google map link just in the centre.


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03/22/08 10:52 PM GMT
Absolutely wonderful DOF, Patti! Love the view you're giving us here. Good luck in the contest.
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
03/22/08 11:08 PM GMT
What a wonderful shot. That does look like some storm coming your way there. I wasnt sure what this would be as Toy Story 2 was on the tv here today lol
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03/22/08 11:12 PM GMT
beautiful shot Patti with that contrast of lighting:))
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laughter is the best medicine.
03/22/08 11:21 PM GMT
You couldn`t ask for better lighting.Fine photo.
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03/22/08 11:24 PM GMT
Great lighting Patti, very well done. You sure do have alot of rocks around there. :)
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03/22/08 11:37 PM GMT
This really is captivating Patti! I love the coloring and the textures all over. Gotta fav this one for sure!
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Life is the pits sometimes, but God and your friends are always there to help you through it.
03/22/08 11:39 PM GMT
very nice landscape!
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03/22/08 11:57 PM GMT
Very good view and colors,looks very nice.
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03/22/08 11:57 PM GMT
Wow, glad you stayed dry, fabulous capture.
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
03/23/08 12:11 AM GMT
Buzz Lightyear would be proud. This is just a great photo displaying the use of light. Composition is perfect and the fencing really adds. The approaching storm just finishes off the magnificent photo Patti. Are sure it was Tea in the Mug?

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
03/23/08 12:32 AM GMT
The weather was so changeable today. I was on New Brighton prom and it was sunny, then it started snowing and then it was sunny again! You have captured the approaching menace of the storm wonderfully here,Patti. I also love the line the stone wall makes.
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03/23/08 1:24 AM GMT
Thanks for the Great Image and the Link Patti, but I still need a GPS to get there. Happy Easter !

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03/23/08 1:54 AM GMT
I love the moody sky and the landscape is so beautiful. Faved Patti. Sandi♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
03/23/08 7:05 AM GMT
Crackin 'Moods' in this!..mate'ess!....??? (why did I say that??)

Yeah..our weather is really 'fickle' ain't it!....Sun..snow..rain gales!..and that's in the first hour!

I like the composition gal!...great post!
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03/23/08 7:44 AM GMT
Wonderful perspective!!...I love the terrific contrast of lighting!!..GOOD LUCK in the contest!!!!
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03/23/08 9:44 AM GMT
What an atmosphere with that threathening sky at the background. Just wonderful Patti. Glad you stayed dry (at the outside, lol) in that tavern.
Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
03/23/08 10:09 AM GMT
What a glorious shot this is. I checked out the link...Google Earth is fun to use, too. Those skies in the distance look so menacing. You must of got a dandy of a storm.

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I'd rather be here, than where I'm at
03/23/08 10:53 AM GMT
AWESOME!! Stoney walls all for ME!! Hooray!! Luv this place Patti!!

Sure, I'll have a mug of that 'hot tea'!! ~wink, wink~
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
03/23/08 11:10 AM GMT
I had fun with the google link you sent along, Patti. I just love looking at these stone walls. I think we have a lot here, but I'm beginning to understand why we're called New England. Can't hold a candle!

Great shot and good luck in the contest.

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"Where there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see." ~Dorothea Lange
03/23/08 11:55 AM GMT
I love that kind of light when the clouds roll in - such beautiful colours, soft yet vibrant with the light. The stone wall (how I love those walls) gives a great pespective.
Good luck in the contest :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
03/23/08 12:26 AM GMT
Wow Buzz Lightyear!! That's infinity alright, all those walls. I think you deserved a tea break after this walk.
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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others merely a green thing which stands in the way." William Blake
03/23/08 4:33 PM GMT
So Beautiful landscape and shot,Patti..Happy Easter !
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03/23/08 5:58 PM GMT
What beautiful lighting you have captured in this one Patti!
And, of caurse, I just love those stone walls. Wonderful!
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03/23/08 8:22 PM GMT
Reminds me of Swaledale Patti and that storm looks very much like the ones we've been having the last few days over here on the coast. Fantastic shot and composition, so assured! Queen of the Landscapes, indeed! Tommy
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03/23/08 11:54 PM GMT
A fine shot ere mate-ss.
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03/25/08 12:18 AM GMT
There is something so intrigueing about stone walls and fences. I just love it. And then you combine that with the wonderful dark that is happening with the sky, well, you have a very beautiful photo. I especially like all the different textural feelings here too. Thank you so much. Verena
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A friend is one who knows all about you and still likes you.
03/25/08 1:40 AM GMT
Stunning shot and view!
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John 3:16
03/25/08 1:02 PM GMT
Stay where you are - the weather there looks not very inviting. But the photo looks great.
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