Not Gonna Drone On About It...  

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Uploaded: 12/02/17 6:39 PM GMT
Not Gonna Drone On About It...
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Went out last week with my new drone and the above is one of the shots I got. I'm not likely to do too much more snapshot photography with it since I much prefer the results from my DSLR. However, where this drone really excels is in the 4K HD video it produces. You can see my first attempt at that here. Smith Rock State Park, Oregon, USA.


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12/02/17 6:56 PM GMT
When I would have an assignment (in my career) to photograph the remains of an Indian earthlodge village--raised rings of soil and usually a shallow fortification ditch--it would be best to shoot in the early morning and late afternoon, with my camera elevated as much as possible. Drone photography was reaching graphic usability only in my latter years at work, so I didn't have access to camera equipment like yours. Instead I used my personal Little Giant ladder with two swing-out platforms, one at the top (opposite me) for my tripod and the other, on my side, three rungs down for me to comfortably stand. This would place my camera approximately 16 feet off the ground and, since even a few extra feet of elevation can make a big difference in landscape photos, the shots I took of these sites were so much better than all the previous attempts. I look at this photo of yours and think three things: it's a lovely view, very calming... it's also a difficult shot on or off a tripod, getting this much of the scene without shooting it from a hill... and you made it look so easy. Imagine trying to use digital photography without software. No Photoshop? Oy!

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12/02/17 7:08 PM GMT
Breath taking view and such rich colours - like the reflections in the water & the way the curving river leads your eyes up to that sky
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12/02/17 7:41 PM GMT
It looks great to me Ted. What was the greatest height your drone received. I watched the video and it was good with good music.
Very successful outing I would say.


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12/02/17 11:15 PM GMT
I got it up to 305 feet.
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12/03/17 12:07 AM GMT
Although not taken with a DSLR, the result is excellent, Ted!
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12/03/17 3:36 PM GMT
I think it did a great job and I enjoyed the video, and the music you put with it. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/03/17 6:05 PM GMT
interesting concept, wow! my paranoid nosy neighbor would freak i fly one of these by his but im not that mean...YES i am! :) have to get one! any do's or donts in buys one? drop it off in my PM if you would. love the video. and the pic is great!
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