Sandwich Guys  

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Uploaded: 01/11/16 8:14 PM GMT
Sandwich Guys
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It's been a while since I've entered LE'S BWC, simply because time does not permit. This is an image I captured at a local holiday festival of two street vendors specializing in sandwiches. I think the BW treatment enhances the overall image. I'd love to hear what you think. As always, thanks for looking and leaving a comment.


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01/11/16 8:41 PM GMT
---I think the BW treatment enhances the overall image.---

That's right, Doug! A very 'strong' B&W image and very suitable for the Wednesday B&W Challenge. Perfectly done!
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01/11/16 9:17 PM GMT
They look as though they have been at it for a bit. Nice B/W capture.
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01/11/16 9:52 PM GMT
Those are real "whoppers" not sandwiches Doug. Looks good in b/w and makes a very good entry.
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01/11/16 11:26 PM GMT
Wow, Doug, love the B&W treatment on your photo. Man, that is a lot of sandwiches.
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01/12/16 12:50 AM GMT
It looks like he has been fighting Gibbs. Perhaps the animals did not want to be a sandwich.
I agree about the b/w.


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01/12/16 1:31 AM GMT
Your post work is fabulous and makes a marvelous challenge, really like the textures and detial
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01/12/16 2:36 AM GMT
You did a good job on this one, I like the B&W treatment, that sure is alot of sandwiches, I don't think I would want one towards the bottom of that huge pile. tigs=^..^=
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01/12/16 2:38 AM GMT
Doug - Some fine street photography.
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01/12/16 10:21 AM GMT
Lovely close-up very well captured Doug.
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01/12/16 3:29 PM GMT
That's a helluva lot of sandwiches... hopefully there was enough sales traffic for them to sell all or most (they look a lot like head cheese sandwiches). I really like your treatment of the image, making it look like an illustration. An excellent submission to Lyn's challenge.

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01/12/16 7:02 PM GMT
Great capture, and that's a lot of sandwishes
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01/14/16 11:36 AM GMT
I really am impressed by this one :) I like a photo with a story. Leaves me wondering what all those sandwiches are for and the expression on the nearest guy's face suggests he is in conversation with someone. It suits B/W - it could be any time any place.
I have it on my list for the next BWC which will be on Wednesday 27th January.
Thanks for adding to the (so far) fairly sparce list.
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01/17/16 11:46 AM GMT
Got my fave .....think I will go to the kitchen to make a .......

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