Pumpkin head  

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Uploaded: 10/06/17 7:20 PM GMT
Pumpkin head
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Not sure what Category to place this one under. I think the title is fitting for the season. Its not a manipulation! More of a long-exposer but not as long as most a do at night...about 47 secs in all.

The full moon was out but very cloudy with storms on the way and moving fast, which you can see they're racing a bit in motion, in the picture. I had to wait for the moon to duck behind them or it would've been just a smear of light, not to pleasing in the pic. I suppose a double exposure with the moon is always possible. Would look a little funny with it sitting still and the clouds racing by.

The moon would have taken away for all the action below my opinion) So i just enhanced the picture a bit in LR and left it as is. little off centered but when you got 10 sec on the timer to get in place and use the lighter to start some flame going...easy to get miss placed from your mark.ooop!

Ohwell, it is what it is...Enjoy!


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10/06/17 9:20 PM GMT
Totally cool!
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10/06/17 10:11 PM GMT
Wow this is cool! Your work is very exciting and fun. :)
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10/06/17 10:33 PM GMT
I like it Sty, good one, and the title is perfect. tigs=^..^=
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10/07/17 4:32 AM GMT
I do like this one as well! its interesting to pull off something that is there, yet doesnt show! without manipulation in Photoshop. I suppose its still manipulation in the sense of tricking the camera to have the outcome i desire!

That something that does not show? is Little Ol'Me :) im moving ever so slowly in a circle to form the design. much more creative play can still be done here. long exposure shooting is extremely exciting!!
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What happens when you get scared half to death twice?
10/07/17 6:54 AM GMT
It doesn't really matter how you arrive at your result, only that your result is good. And this is very good. The long exposure smearing of the clouds only adds to the ominous feel. And if the hellspawn Pumpkinhead coming to life isn't ominous, then you're just an extra in this movie. And you know what happens to extras, right?
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10/07/17 11:00 AM GMT
---Not sure what Category to place this one under---

By the lack a 'night shot' gallery, I would have placed this in the 'fireworks' gallery, Chris, but the choice of the gallery isn't that important, only the contributed image counts!
And to me it's an artwork! A perfect match of the available 'ingredients' to achieve this stunning result!
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10/07/17 12:00 AM GMT
A 1 work like a lot.

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10/07/17 5:50 PM GMT
Awesome shot Chris - futuristic pumpkin - love that sky effect _ Excellent Work!!!!!!!
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10/08/17 1:20 AM GMT
Good creative fun achieved here Chris. Light painting is an excellent effects image maker. You can literally set things on fire with this Photography.
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10/08/17 1:51 AM GMT
Franks not to far off, in hindsight a hose near by would have been handy, grass was a little too dry...oopsy!

I should clarify this fact...Frank is right, its considered "Light Painting" by no means "fireworks". it happens so slowly when making it? would be quite boring for Fireworks display.
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What happens when you get scared half to death twice?
10/09/17 6:19 PM GMT
I don't know, Chris, A single exposure of the moon would have allowed the clouds to simply hang there as well and, frankly, the addition of the moon, particularly if it was offset a little to the left, would have been a nice foil to your "pumpkin", creating a diagonal of elements, a style many photography instructors teach. Either way, I like it.

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10/09/17 9:18 PM GMT
Nik, not that i didnt think about it and took several shots of just the moon that night, at faster shutter speeds, for that detailed idea. it just didnt look right once it was placed...not to mention all the light from the moon is already the right, not the left. which would have added even more confusion in the shot. this double exposure moon trick i have done far too many times in other post. I wanted this one "as is" no pixels added/taken away. one not manipulated just due to the fact it already does indeed look that way with the pumpkin affect. if i double exposed the moon? I would of had to categorize it under a Manip. something i didnt what the viewer to think the Pumpkin effect truly is not! bfrank said it best above..."Light Painting" that's all it is! done with Steel Wool.
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What happens when you get scared half to death twice?
10/12/17 7:55 PM GMT
Will be a fabulous DT for Halloween. Love the way the pumpkin design glows, this is a real winner
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07/20/19 5:06 AM GMT
This thing is too cool!
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