Meet Hallie  

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Uploaded: 05/17/18 3:59 AM GMT
Meet Hallie
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Our latest member to the family, Hallie. she's now Beau's companion and although an American Boxer, in her own rights a beauty of a specimen, wonderful markings and all. very mellow for the breed. unlike Beau that's a Euro and quite a difference in traits if you know the breed well. she AKC CH. best a breed many times over with her father Grand CH. I suppose home for her is here now. I said NO MORE! I guess never say never.

Her and Beau running in the field having a blast and she spotted the camera and posed perfectly. I did nothing to the shot in editing, what you see is what I took, Al Servo f7.1 70mm with the 70-300mm 1/250th ISO-100 center weight.

Some shots the camera gets it right, no use in mudding it up with processing. this was one, its just a pet shot. did not even crop it, I have a few more that are closer up that turned out perfect, fawn/white in color is an easy shot to get right, unlike Beau with a dark brindle is quite the challenge for any lens. it gets really confused but not impossible. there's many of him in my gallery if your interested.

I thought I better post something to show I'm still around, alive and kick'in, doing well. sorry for the in-activeness. busy life!


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05/17/18 4:19 AM GMT
to put things in perspective, her head in half as small as Beau's, he also has about 25lbs on her. its hard to see with a camera shot. why one should never expect much when looking for the right breeder for a new dog online. just the right angle ect...I could easily take pic's that will make you go to the kennel. trust me, I use to do it for Beau's breeder. I wanted to make that clear! I dont breed! too many dogs without homes now. ...and people if your not going to rescue, as that's just about how Hallie came into our life. DO YOUR RESEARCH! know your breed you must have. ask breeder for proof of health testing and you can scratch off 80% of them from your list to check out. yes, I love boxers, a mutt would suit me fine! now knowing all that I do.
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05/17/18 9:59 AM GMT
She's a beautiful boxer. Over the years, we have had both fawn with white, fawn with black, and our last boxer was a brindle. Just love boxers. Great gentle personalities, though they will protect the home, and they are wonderful with kids.

AND, it is good to see you are still alive and kick'in! ;)
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05/17/18 10:54 AM GMT
---I did nothing to the shot in editing, what you see is what I took---

Referring to your narrative and additional comment, this is a perfectly taken WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) image, Chris.

His attitude and the proud look in his eyes say more than any book could tell!
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05/17/18 1:09 PM GMT
like john said, they are a wonderful breed, I hate to see them exploited or over bred, over priced, ect... we killing off breeds left and right, Boxer are making a come back with vets informing breeders, people in general.

this is one of the few breeds that can tell or feel the owners or masters well being, I flare from a crohns attack my male knows before I do. Hallie will be the same.
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05/17/18 2:36 PM GMT
Welcome back and beautiful dog! :)
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05/17/18 3:55 PM GMT
I grew up with boxers and my late brothers family still have them and they are wonderful dogs more fierce looking than they are but they do protect their family. A gorgeous dog Sty! ( My cat is named Hallie also)
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05/17/18 9:03 PM GMT
She's a real looker, Chris, and smart...I had to chuckle when you mentioned how she stopped to pose for you when spotting the camera...a super shot and a fave for me.
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05/17/18 10:40 PM GMT
She knows how to make the make the most for a perfect photo shoot. Sty, She is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to meeting her. tigs=^..^=
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05/18/18 9:51 AM GMT
A beautiful specimen of the breed, Chris. The definition of colors and lines of shape in her fur and, in particular, her face, almost makes her look like a painting. Without seeing her interaction with Beau, it's obvious she's already fitting in with her new family. Congratulations. Every time we've gotten a new dog (and I've had nearly 40 in my time), I feel a resurgence of spirit, an enjoyment of life that transcends all other concerns. I'm sure your happiness with her can only do you good.

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05/18/18 6:02 PM GMT
Welcome back! When I looked at the list of friends contributions, I saw you and thought Yeah! Stylo's back. :) I realise people have their own lives to live, but I still miss folks such as Connie, Lake Michigan, Gigi, :mirto56, :Jimbobedsel, Luckyshot, Braces, Eubeen, Nuke88, Etc. Nice pooch.
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05/19/18 7:07 PM GMT
Well hello, Hallie! She is a strong looking dog. Had a black lab that was half boxer. Made for one huge dog, real beefy, and he always liked to exert his alpha male on all dogs...and they let him. Good shot Chris.
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05/20/18 10:49 AM GMT
...I thought I better post something to show I'm still around, alive and kickin, doing well. sorry for the in-activeness. busy life!...

Alive kick'in, a good thing....nice work on Hallie Chris.

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05/21/18 8:29 PM GMT
Wow she's beautiful and has such gorgeous colours - looks like she is going to love the camera.
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