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I had spotted this wonderful building on my way to South Haven, Mi. and knew I was going to stop on my way home to get a few pics. of it.

I might try a B&W of it also.

Thanks for commenting.



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09/23/18 2:21 PM GMT
Nice pic...The Truck does It for me...R.
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09/23/18 3:45 PM GMT
Great shot, you don't see that name around much, use to be a quite popular brand though.
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09/23/18 4:54 PM GMT
Cool find and great shot Tigz.


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09/23/18 6:48 PM GMT
I remember Sinclair Oil and their dinosaur out front of their stations. I think this will due well in B&W or sepia.
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09/23/18 11:53 PM GMT
Great old place for a shot SAS...would make a good location for a movie shoot...nicely captured.
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09/24/18 8:03 AM GMT
Did you check whether there were any leashed cowboy horses at the backside of this building, Sandi? (☺)
Good find an well captured, my friend!
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09/24/18 11:08 AM GMT
I love its rustic character, enhanced by the old top-loading, bottle-slot-operated, Coke machine and the "mail pickup" sign by the door. My father-in-law owned and operated a Sinclair station that wasn't the stereotypical station, looking a lot more like a regular house, but it was in town, with no corn field anywhere near it.

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09/24/18 1:50 PM GMT
It has its own character, very rustic.
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09/25/18 5:45 PM GMT
What a cool looking find and like the old Coke machine & thermometer on the wall at the door
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09/26/18 12:20 AM GMT
You really spotted a great find here Sandi. I don't know why but it reminds me of the movie "Tremors".
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10/01/18 10:54 AM GMT
Simple, but speaks volumes, excellent idea to capture this scene, and perfectly executed.
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