Starship Enterprise  

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Uploaded: 06/10/22 12:42 AM GMT
Starship Enterprise
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That is name of this Iris, my daughter and I had been waiting on it to bloom. :)

I appreciate your comments, thanks!



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06/10/22 1:35 PM GMT
Sandi, by initially viewing only the title I had expected a futuristic image, but this contemporary one couldn't be finer.
A lovely Foofy Friday (F) contribution. The patience of your daughter and you was rewarded!
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06/10/22 1:49 PM GMT
Beautiful colors in this iris.
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Jeff Hamilton
06/10/22 3:13 PM GMT
A gorgeous iris Sandi - worth the wait!
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The Amen of nature is always a flower .... Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
06/10/22 4:33 PM GMT
It looks like we have liftoff Tigs - the Starship has bloomed and is equipped with a combination of lovely colors - Great Capture - You Made It So!!!!!!!!
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06/11/22 12:59 AM GMT
Unusual and beautiful, wonderful looking iris here
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06/12/22 12:42 AM GMT
I was not sure what to expect on seeing the title - what a delightful beauty this is !
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06/21/22 3:22 AM GMT
Out of this world!
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06/24/22 2:10 AM GMT
Caedes. The final frontier. These are Sandi*s photos of the starship Enterprise. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new fields. To seek out new blossoms and new colors. To boldly photograph where few have gone before!

-nik (I had to Google it; my memory could not collect the full dialog)
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