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For all the June bridal bouquets this is a lovely and very fragrant flower. It is used extensively by florists - comes in a range of colors but can also be easily grown in the garden. It is native to southern Europe and the olive tree growing regions. It is a member of the cabbage family believe or not!


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06/09/21 5:06 AM GMT
Beautiful bunch and great narrative, Kathy. Thank you, I always learn something about flowers from you.
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06/09/21 9:16 AM GMT
---It is a member of the cabbage family believe or not!---

Kathy, of course I take your words for granted, because to me you're a living encyclopedia when it comes to flowers, 😁 !

Thanks for another wonderful capture, 👍 !
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06/12/21 11:56 AM GMT
Stunning, fills the page with much beauty, love the close up here.
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06/12/21 9:40 PM GMT
So if I pickle some of this and add it to thin mashed potatoes and crumbled venison sausage, it will be the comfort food of my youth (oh, hell, I forgot the fresh baked butter bread and cold milk!)? Neato!

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