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Submitted by caedes 12/28/09 3:13 AM GMT

I think that we have had a good run of contests using the new system, so I have temporarily halted new contests so that we can reflect on any changes we may want to make. I've create a poll for this purpose. I'll take into consideration any suggestions made in the poll and will implement the changes and start a new round of contests in about one month. If you do have a good suggestion, please add it to the poll instead of putting it in this discussion. Thanks.


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12/28/09 7:54 AM GMT
Thanks *caedes for all your hard work and thought you have put into the changes with the contest.
Job well done :o)
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12/28/09 9:56 AM GMT
How about divide the contest winners into 2 a novice section as well as the normal.. eg. anyone who has been a contributing member under 3 months will be a novice, the rest of us in the normal section.. it will give newbies a chance up against the older members and a bit of encouragement =)
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12/29/09 10:19 PM GMT
I'm liking the new system. Those that haven't entered have a random chance of helping judge and those that have entered are very supportive of each other. I've done both so far. :-) Great job!
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12/31/09 2:25 PM GMT
As a relative newcomer to Caedes, I cannot direct comments to the old contest format. I like the new one - all are encouraged to enter, randomly, artists and members are asked to judge. In my humble opinion, viewing entries allows me to evaluate my work, and see ways in which I can improve my photography skills. What would be helpful to continue that learning is to have winners post the camera settings and post-photo processes used to create the winning entry. The contests are another example of the merits of this site. Excellent work!
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01/01/10 1:31 PM GMT
Like to agree with Mimi's comment.
Like to agree to a certain extent with Thad's comment as well. Think however that it will be rather hard to describe the used post-photo processes. Like to give an example: my images are captured in RAW (NEF, as I have a Nikon body), therefore they have to be post-processed. To do this, I'm using PS, and I 'manipulate' (please notice the inverted comma's) the RAW-image until it has achieved the, to me, best result. Think it will not be very helpful to the other Caedes-members to provide them with detailed post processing information as the information is different for each post processed image.
I like to do a suggestion as well: in my opinion the frequency of the contests should be not too high. If there would be one contest after another, there will the risk of discreasing interest in it. Think 4 - 6 contests a year would be fine.
Regards, Cornelius.
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01/02/10 11:23 AM GMT
I agree 100% with Cornelius' comment about contest frequency. It seemed like it was one contest after another rapid-fire, with no time in between to reflect on the contest or even catch my breathe, so to speak. In my opinion, the contests sort of lost their luster when your voting on a new contest when the prior contest hadn't even been fully judged yet (or had just finished). Contests should be something special, so there should probably be less than 30 of them in a year ;)
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01/31/10 1:05 AM GMT
I'm ready for a contest....Ive finally got some time to play and there's no contest to play in...LOL Every 6 weeks sounds like a good duration between contests to me. 3 weeks to submit an entry, 1 week to vote on a winner and new topic poll, 2 weeks to rest and have fun...shooting something else of coarse! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year!
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02/11/10 9:16 PM GMT
I really want a underwater/wet photo contest. meaning the camera has to either be wet or in danger of getting wet to enter the shot. PLEEEEASE? i think it could bring some really cool pics to the site :)
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02/13/10 8:56 PM GMT
Something.. anything..

*tap tap*

is this thing on....?
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03/01/10 5:08 PM GMT
It's really easy to submit entries now :)
I would like to see a link on the contest page about rules though.
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