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Sunbeam Uploaded: 01/23/10 3:01 PM GMT

Image: Sunbeam

It warmed up just enough 4 me 2 catch some rays. Enjoy:)

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Sunbeam by Freedom96, Photography->Sunset/Rise gallery Rocky by Freedom96, Photography->Animals gallery Grazing by Freedom96, Photography->Animals gallery
Sunbeam Rocky Grazing


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10/22/08 11:27 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes, if your first photo is of what's to come- I can't wait! You are capturing beautiful photos!

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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein - There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.
10/23/08 4:50 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes and are you ever off to a great start. I just got this in the Voting Booth and scored it really high. Got it up on my desktop right now to enjoy for awhile. keep posting.
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10/27/08 6:50 AM GMT
Thanks Airika for the nice comment on-gerber daisy-Much appreciated.And welcome to Caedes.
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Be Happy..Toetsie..
10/30/08 1:06 PM GMT
Hi Airika, many thanks for looking in on 'Mischief', and your kind words. I'm so pleased you like him too....much appreciated...Jacquie
Welcome to Caedes and keep posting your beautiful images.
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Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.
10/31/08 7:09 PM GMT
Thank you for your comments, and vote on "Fall In The Yukon"
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10/31/08 8:23 PM GMT
Thank you very much for leaving nice words on "Colorful daisies".
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11/02/08 12:24 AM GMT
Hello Airika ... First may I welcome you to Caedes ... then allow me to Thank You for your visit and comment left at Could We Speed Things Up. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you not only liked the picture, but placed it in your favorites as well. Made my day dear Lady ... Thanks again.
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Just an old "Grampa" who still has a Kodak "Box" camera kicking around the attic ... learning and enjoying the wonders of modern digital photography.
11/03/08 2:08 AM GMT
Thanks for leaving feedback. It was a really neat place in the Oakland hills where I found this. :) Have a good day. Bruce B.
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11/04/08 10:21 AM GMT
Airika, Thanks for your friendly words on Sven. He's happy too!!
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11/05/08 9:05 PM GMT
i love ur avatar and thank u 4 da comment
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11/13/08 8:58 PM GMT
Hello, thanks so much for taking the time to view and comment on
"Cherry delight" It is very much appreciated. Lyn.
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11/24/08 2:08 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes Airika. Neat spelling of your name.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. Anyone who does not like clouds, does not like to dream. The Ghost
06/11/09 10:51 PM GMT
Thanks for your kind comments on Robin Redbreast its much appreciated!
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06/13/09 1:31 AM GMT
Hello :) Glad you liked Elk on the 9th. I felt incredibly fortunate to even be able to be there, let alone be able to capture it. The photo is garbage compared to being there, though. Banff is utterly breathtaking.
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~"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths" (Prov. 3:6).~
06/22/09 9:57 PM GMT
Thanks for your nice comments on 'Little Purrson #2'
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06/26/09 8:20 AM GMT
thanks for checking out Cornwall Goes Tropical. Glad you enjoyed it!!
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Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
06/27/09 5:51 PM GMT
Thanx for the nice comment on AINT I PRETTY So glad you like it and thanx for the honour of favouring one of my pics.
have a lovely weekend
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Marietha ****Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;) ****
07/06/09 9:31 PM GMT
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my "Happy Dragon" photo. More Butterflies are starting to show up, hope to post some soon.
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If you wish to purchase framed photos, prints or greeting cards of my work please visit my website .
07/21/09 10:30 PM GMT
Thanks a lot, glad you like my photo.
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07/24/09 6:56 PM GMT
Hi Airika!
Thanks for your comments on Blue Little Flowers! Every comments is so much Appreciated!
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08/05/09 6:46 PM GMT
Thanks so much for the comment on "Sleep on a Leaf"!!!
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"They say time changes things, but you really have to change them your self."
08/18/09 7:46 PM GMT
Hello Airika,
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on "Evening Delight #1", I am really glad you like it :-)
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08/20/09 2:01 PM GMT
Hoi,Arika !
Thank you very much for your nice comment on my
image "Hello !"
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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...
08/21/09 10:21 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Pamukkale travines its always appreciated
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08/25/09 6:22 PM GMT
Hey, thanks for the nice comment on "I see you"!
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"Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
08/25/09 6:58 PM GMT
Hi Arika. Welcome to Caedes. Thanks so much for the kind words on Field of Dreams. How nice of you.


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Insure what you touch during your lifetime, is not coated with the fingerprints of apathy....Tick
08/26/09 2:06 PM GMT
Hi, Thanks for commenting on A Mother's Pride. I glad you liked it and thanks for the fave.
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Hatred stirs up strifes: but love covers all sin. Proverbs 10:12
08/28/09 1:03 PM GMT
Hi Airika, sending you a belated but very sincere thanks for visiting my gallery recently, not only to give feedback but to leave such a thoughtful get well message for my mum. I have showed her the comments from all you lovely people and she was overwhelmed by your kindness. Mum is recovering well and we both really appreciate that you took the time to think of us. Love and blessings, Kelcey.
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09/15/09 5:49 PM GMT
Thanks very much for your kind comments on "Buoyant"
I deeply appreciate it!
Have a nice day!
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11/05/09 2:08 PM GMT
Thank you so much for you kind words on Portrait of Fall #5. I wasn't sure about the shot at first, but when I uploaded it to the computer the colors and light play just seemed to all come together. I'm gald you liked it. If you have time check out the rest of the series and let me know what you think. Take care.
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For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life throught Jesus Christ out Lord. -Romans 6:23
11/10/09 12:08 AM GMT
Thanks for commenting on Refreshing. I sure appreciate it. I have a minolta, not sure of series, it is just a small point and shoot with a fixed lense. Looking to getting a new one soon. I would like one with an HD feature and some lenses. Need to save though, so for now this will do. How bout you? you pics seem so clear, do you use filters or some kind of photo shop?. Anyway glad you liked it.
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For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life throught Jesus Christ out Lord. -Romans 6:23
12/08/09 2:30 PM GMT
Thanks, Airika for stopping by on "Peek a boo" !
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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...
12/08/09 3:22 PM GMT
Hi Airika. Thanks for the fav and the kind comment you left on "The Forest." ~~ John
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12/08/09 3:25 PM GMT
Thanks for the fave on Aunt Hazy Arika.

Merry Christmas

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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
12/09/09 4:01 PM GMT
Thanks Alrika for having faved my post. I really appreciated.
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12/09/09 5:49 PM GMT
Hello Alrika....Many thanks for taking the time to have a look at (HEAVY HORSE) and for your comments,they are very much appreciated.....This horse and his friends are only a five minute drive from where I live....Thankyou again....All the best to you Alrika.....................................Mick.
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01/01/10 11:12 PM GMT
thanx for your sweet comments i apprceiate it >_<
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01/19/10 2:43 PM GMT
Hello Alrika....Thankyou for your comments on (ARTIC QUEEN)they are very much appreciated...She is a beauty and it is nice to know that you like this one....Thankyou again....All the best to you Alrika.........................................Mick.
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01/26/10 7:25 AM GMT
Hey Airika
Say, I thank you ever so much for your comments on Purple Sunset. I am glad you liked it and you are welcome any time!
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03/30/10 4:49 PM GMT
THX for the comment on Osprey Leaving.
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Art is an expression - not to be judged by those without expression or feeling.
03/30/10 7:36 PM GMT
Hello Airika,
thank you so much for the kind comment on "You are observed....", I am so happy you like it!
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03/31/10 8:39 PM GMT
Hey Airika I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting on "Splash Down"!! :) Steve
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