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Sorry I haven't been around, guys! I've been critically ill. Still not out of the woods yet, but doing better. Monsters DO exist! Hugs to everyone!! :)


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05/11/18 4:32 PM GMT
Lisa. I am very very sorry to hear about what's happening with you. Although many of us have never met, over the years we have gotten to know each as much as you can online and I consider everyone here my friends. You have made some of the kindest comments to me and will not be forgotten. I sincerely pray you get through this trial and you feel much better. Take care, we're thinking of you.
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05/11/18 4:43 PM GMT
So sorry to hear of your illness have my best wishes for a speedy recovery to wellness
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05/11/18 5:54 PM GMT
Awww this is cute, I love it! I'm so sorry you've been sick Lisa, but I'm glad your getting better. I will put in a prayer for you. Good to see you back again. :)
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Caedes wins over Facebook, more real friends here. :)
05/11/18 6:16 PM GMT
Very nice work Lisa - The monsters look "beautiful" and so does the doctor. Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you will fully recover soon.
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05/11/18 8:20 PM GMT
Cute work here and I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. You have not lost your Artsy ways. Keep improving, we need you and are praying for you.
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05/12/18 1:07 AM GMT
Just a wee bit of a Freudian Slip, eh, Leese? Yeah, what do they know... I've learned that sometimes you have to be your own physician. By the way, I've had the purple one under my bed when I was a kid, the green one is my brother, and the middle one is his wife (you can't hide anything from that *****!).

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05/12/18 8:58 AM GMT
Lisa, I was on the one hand somewhat frightened by your narrative, but on the other hand I realized that if one can create such a wonderful illustration, the person is undoubtedly on the mend.
Wish you a speedy and complete recovery!
S+F of course. Thanks for providing us with/sharing this splendid artwork!
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05/12/18 7:51 PM GMT
Aww, thanks for the love, everyone! Back atcha'. :) Alex, I feel the same way about you and so many of the wonderful people that I've met here at caedes ... friends.

I didn't mean to distract from the artwork, so much as explain my abrupt absence. Pouring all of my humor and efforts into this piece is what kept me grounded and sane(ish ... lol) during a very difficult time. It was a safe harbor in a storm. And it was fun.

Throwing lucky 7s out to everybody!

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05/12/18 8:25 PM GMT
Sorry I did not comment sooner, but first I want to say I wish you a full recovery! Second but not least, this is one heck of a creative artwork, and fave for me. tigs=^..^=
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05/15/18 6:44 AM GMT
Sorry to hear it, but happy that you are back. This is Nice work.
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05/17/18 12:50 AM GMT
I'm so sorry Lisa. I hate to hear you are having troubles. At least you still have a sense of humor. That's what keeps me going. This is a fine illustration.
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05/22/18 10:00 PM GMT
I hope you're feeling better? I didn't realise you were unwell. :-(

Your sense of humour hasn't suffered at all, though, and I love this piece!

Perhaps you realize there was a song in the Eurovision this year called Monsters by Saara Aalto. Finland's entry!
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05/24/18 1:52 AM GMT
"I've been critically ill."


... ...

"Still not out of the woods yet, but doing better."


... ...


"Whew! Close call folks, but now closing in on 99% recovered."


... ...

^ "Make it so.."

(*pours Lisa a cup of "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" and leaves behind a plate of these to go with*)

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05/25/18 9:40 AM GMT
(Ooooo ... cookies!)

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06/19/18 6:42 PM GMT
Oh My!!!! This is awesome Lisa!!! Such high level creativity here!!! I am so sorry to hear of your illness!!! Please get better soon girl:):):)
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06/30/18 11:08 PM GMT
Hope things are getting better now Lisa ... I hope the road you are traveling is the one that leads to a full recovery.

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07/01/18 10:40 AM GMT
Thank you, my friend!
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07/21/18 1:48 AM GMT
Oh, they DON'T, Huh?

Nice job and Speedy Recovery!

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