A Resident of Black Pine Sanctuary  

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Uploaded: 02/03/14 12:19 AM GMT
A Resident of Black Pine Sanctuary
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Status: active

This wolf has a safe home at the sanctuary that is not too far from where I live.

I did not like it in color, and decided to try something else, some of you might like it? Best viewed full screen.

Thank you for commenting.

Tigs♥ =^..^=


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02/03/14 12:31 AM GMT
Looks good Monochrome...Nice one..R.
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02/03/14 1:10 PM GMT
Detail is fabulous Sandi!...good focus on them hairs, and the mono looks fine for this subject
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02/03/14 1:23 PM GMT
Look good ,Well done Sandi.
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02/03/14 2:52 PM GMT
It looks peaceful in b/w, Tigz.
I like the detail. Pawesome shot.


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02/03/14 3:01 PM GMT
It's a beauty, Sandi.... and excellent portrait type composition.
For me it's a bit flat and might benefit from a touch of contrast.
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02/03/14 3:41 PM GMT
Looks great with your treatment Sandi. I'll bet he looks equally good in color. Bravo.
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02/03/14 4:42 PM GMT
It's very impressive in black/gray tone.
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02/03/14 4:47 PM GMT
Looks like an ordinary dog on his bed at any home :)
We all have wolves and tigers in our homes - when one thinks about it in such categories...
Love this little baby. My next choice in BWC, if I am asked to make any ... :)
SAM & SAAB - howling to his cousin friendly.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
02/03/14 4:58 PM GMT
I think it looks super in black and white it sure brings out the detail in the wolfs fur and very nice compstion.Yes I love it stunning art work and not over the top.
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02/03/14 6:04 PM GMT
---some of you might like it?---

Sandi, I see by the above comments that your question is already answered in a very positive way. Like to join me in these comments!!

Regards, Cornelius.
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02/04/14 1:21 AM GMT
Well I too am here to repeat what has already been looks great in b/w and to my imagination as to how color might look, I think you made a good choice...fabulous detail and very happy to know this animal has shelter and a good home...faved.
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02/04/14 1:27 AM GMT
I can't quite put my finger on it but it has a way of grabbing my attention. This composition is very nice and moody. The monotone just increases the depth of it. There is so much texture in the fur of that fine looking animal. The wolf's eyes closed gives a special feel to it. I think you chose wisely in your post work Sandi.
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02/04/14 4:08 AM GMT
A real winner in Lyn's b&w challenge. I like the strength of the wolf against the wispy character of the background. I haven't read any of the previous comments but I'm sure I'm repeating someone.

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02/04/14 7:08 AM GMT
Brilliant post-work Sandi!!! Wonderful in B&W and such crisp clean lines. Wow!!!!!!!
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02/04/14 8:48 AM GMT
Beautiful shot! Looks like he's posing!Congrats Sandi.
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02/04/14 12:54 AM GMT
I want that wolf as a pet! I think it looks great in black and white. Well done, Sandi.
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02/05/14 8:10 AM GMT
What a wonderful close up and great B/W shot.
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02/05/14 11:53 PM GMT
Wow, this make a magnificent B/W, I love the textures and that gorgeous wolf
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02/06/14 12:14 AM GMT
The B&W treatment really suits this wonderful animal. We have a white chalk and charcoal drawing of a wolf in our living room and this could happily join it.
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02/09/14 3:24 AM GMT
Nice work.
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02/14/14 12:53 AM GMT
A nicely composed capture of the wolf, Sandi. Good post work no the photo. You could reduce the shadows or apply a light levels adjustment for a lighter image with more whites than grays without a loss in details and textures.
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02/16/14 5:16 PM GMT
Outstanding photo my dear friend !!
The contrast is excellent.
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02/17/14 6:08 AM GMT
Wolves are awesomely beautiful animals, and your portrait has done this one justice... Good one, Tigs!
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04/02/14 8:10 AM GMT
Beautiful photography of my favorite wolves! ♥
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♛ ♛ Ab imo pectore. Sonya

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