"Dreams" Contest Results

Submitted by caedes 07/16/06 12:29 AM GMT

Contest Results for the Dreams contest are ready. I think this was the most popular contest so far judging by the number of entries received. Great work to everyone who participated for making it such a challenging contest to compete in and to judge.


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07/16/06 12:46 AM GMT
Whew! Congrats to the winners! All entries were great though!

Uh...clicking on the images (Top 4) the links work fine, but if I click on the image titles it gets corrupted in both Firefox and IE
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07/16/06 12:47 AM GMT
Thanks for fixing them - they work fine now
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Live like there was no tomorrow | When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown | My Gallery
07/16/06 1:20 AM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners & everyone who received an honorable mention ! Well done !
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07/16/06 1:21 AM GMT
Congrats to all! This contest was a toughy to vote on.
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07/16/06 2:10 AM GMT
Congrats to all the winners and everybody who participated 8)
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07/16/06 2:22 AM GMT
Congrats everyone!! A toast to all!
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I am the knight in the shadows.....
07/16/06 2:31 AM GMT
Congrats to all winners and runners up... all well deserved, it was a tough comp..
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07/16/06 2:42 AM GMT
Congratulations everyone who did well in the contest.
Every submission was wonderful!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
07/16/06 3:27 AM GMT
Congrats to all! They were all winners in my book. So many wonderful artists here. What a WONDERFUL community this is. Well, onto the next contest! ;)
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07/16/06 4:59 AM GMT
Congrats to everyone that participated in this contest! It was so much fun to do and so much admirable artwork came out of it :) Each entry was unique and a pleasure to look at! Thanks again to everyone who voted, I had a great time. And I will for sure be up for the next one!

Peace&Love :)
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07/16/06 5:16 AM GMT
YAY congrats to all who won! nice job!
congrats to everyone!

and nigel said to say something for him so. here goes. the nigel talk

Awesome! Those were awesome images, congrats everyone!

I hope that was good ;P
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07/16/06 6:17 AM GMT
Congrats to all of the Winners, this was an excellent contest! Bravo!
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07/16/06 6:44 AM GMT
Andrew - Nigel-talk would be

Yay! The winners have been declared! Congratulations to everyone, all the entries were awesome!

Now THAT's Nigel
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Live like there was no tomorrow | When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown | My Gallery
07/16/06 7:18 AM GMT
Congrat's to the winners & honorable mentions ... well deserved. Excellent work by all the participant's.
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07/16/06 7:31 AM GMT
noor. ur kinda wrong.
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self.promotion. leads to success. you.ll see. you.ll understand.
07/16/06 7:48 AM GMT
Well then, let's see what Nigel says when he returns - I bet he'll find my response correct!
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Live like there was no tomorrow | When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown | My Gallery
07/16/06 8:04 AM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners! Let's hope the contest, which turned out to be so popular will encourage other artists to enter the next ones.
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07/16/06 9:14 AM GMT
hernoor u killed me joke xD and this is for congrats no fights xD wanna argue. PM me xD lol
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self.promotion. leads to success. you.ll see. you.ll understand.
07/16/06 9:18 AM GMT
Kudos to the winners and to all the participants. It was cool seeing so many diverse interpretations of the contest's theme.
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07/16/06 9:51 AM GMT
Congratulations to you all :-)
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07/16/06 10:14 AM GMT
Congrats to all :)
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07/16/06 11:14 AM GMT
A big 'ol spoonful of congrats to our great winners!! Wonderful showing!!
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07/16/06 12:32 AM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners! some amazing images in the first few places - I was astounded by the endless talent of some of the participants.
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07/16/06 1:31 PM GMT
Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated. There were some great entries..=)
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07/16/06 1:46 PM GMT
Congrats to everyone!! It t'was a dreamy contest...zzzzzzzzzz
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07/16/06 1:57 PM GMT
Congratulations everyone!
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07/16/06 2:38 PM GMT
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that entered. This was a fun contest. Looking forward to the next challange.
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07/16/06 3:24 PM GMT
Hey, some of the ones I picked actually won this time! ;) Great job everyone; It was a hard choice for the voters, you can be sure of that.
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07/16/06 3:27 PM GMT
This was the first contest that I entered and was really impressed by all the entries. congrats to all of the winners (to me all the entrants are winners). I'm looking forward to the next one.

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07/16/06 3:40 PM GMT
My heartiest "CONGRATS" to all winners!! Also thanks to Caedes for allowing me the honor of helping to judge & vote on the contest! Very tough job with so many great entries, but I was honored!
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07/16/06 3:47 PM GMT
Congrats to all. Good one. Most of my favourites were on the list now. I'm very glad to see you getting the honors.
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07/16/06 4:04 PM GMT
Awesome job everyone! I had so much trouble voting...everyone did so well. =)
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"Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that ..." -George Carlin
07/16/06 4:28 PM GMT
What an absolutely FUN experience it was....and Congratulations to everyone....the winners and also all.....because some very good work was spawned as a result.
Special thanks to LADYPRAIRIEFIRE, who graciously accepted a collab with me ! Though our work together did not place, it was great fun, and I enjoyed it. Congrats to you on your WINNER status, girlfriend!
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I am WAY behind THANKING, viewing and commenting! My apologies! I care very much for everyone and will catch up asap! Thanks for all the nice comments on my work!
07/16/06 5:06 PM GMT
Thanx everybody for all of your support. I don't know quite what to say because I was not expecting this at all, trully. I'm still in a bit of shock. Wow, this contest was a great one for fun and talent. I met some new artists and got to know some others that have been around a while. The contest facilitated that and I am very greatful. As everyone has stated the entries into this contest were fantastic. It was a bunch of fun. Congrats to all, you are all lovely artists & such interesting and kind people. I am greatful that you are my community . Cheers & Thanx....................Amaris
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Come Frolic in the
07/16/06 5:41 PM GMT
Great choices everyone! Congratulations winners. Well deserved. Was fun....lets do it again soon! =)
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07/16/06 8:13 PM GMT
Congrats!!! Very well done.. and well deserved - each and everyone! Can't wait for the next competition!
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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
07/16/06 10:40 PM GMT
Congradultions to all the folks who entered such terrific work. All showed alot of imagination and creativity.There's so much talent on this site! I look forward to the next contest and ideas-thanks all!
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07/17/06 2:48 AM GMT
Heartiest Congratulations to the winners - all very well deserved.
I enjoyed viewing all entries - so much good work.
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07/17/06 12:30 AM GMT
Congratulations to all !!! Entrants and winners!! I love this contest theme and some entries are in my prefs!!!
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07/17/06 7:14 PM GMT
very well done to all who entered & congrats too. i was mulling over the images for a long time, very tough to vote. good job :~)
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Regards . Avi . Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!
07/17/06 10:42 PM GMT
Good job everybody! There were a lot of super images in this contest... so kudos to all who participated.
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07/18/06 2:48 AM GMT
It was fun! It got a lot of people involved. The quality of the images was quite good overall, and the winners and honorable mentions - marvelous - congratulations to you all. When do we do it again? :)
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07/18/06 7:26 AM GMT
A big Congratulations to the winners, the honorable mentions and to all who entered this contest. It seems as though the recurring mantra from the comments above is "so tough to judge"......there were many excellent entries and a lot of effort and artistic talent was shown. Job well done and I tip my hat to all of you ~~~ *tips hat*...:~)
~~Thanks for all the wonderful images...they were quite dreamy ~~
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07/18/06 3:30 PM GMT
My thanks to everyone here at Caedes and all connected to the contest the support I've gotten from you all is great. I am deeply honored and moved by my recognition and the title of HKotDA bestowed upon me by my peers and I'll try not to let you down.:-) Thanks again to everyone. John Warmbier(jswgpb)
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07/18/06 6:00 PM GMT
Congratulations to all those in the winners' circle...a great mix of images and interpretations...and bravo to all participants for the visual feast and fantasy the contest was great fun.:Pat.
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07/18/06 8:23 PM GMT
Well, finally the results are here. This was a fun contest which brought out some very creative imagination on the part of all contestants. Special congrats to the number one first place winner. Ms LadyPraireFire, that was an awesome presentation that truly depicted a dream. And just think, someday when all wars are over and God has made everything anew, we will be able to do just that...lie down with lions. Go girl!!!!
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07/20/06 3:31 AM GMT
wow i really love the top 3's.... congrats to the winners...
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-jk : ) ( ; how's life?
07/20/06 8:49 AM GMT
Thanx again everyone!! :)
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07/22/06 7:47 PM GMT
Congrats to all the winners and participants in this most successful contest.......Jim
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09/14/06 10:44 AM GMT
Congratulations to all, including people who work os the contest and the one who voted.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !

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