Artist Spotlight #39: Mimi

Submitted by caedes 03/16/09 1:47 AM GMT

In accordance the overwhelming popular opinion, this artist spotlight is for Mimi. Click below to read the entire interview, and don't forget to give her gallery a visit.

I need to begin by stating the intent of the thread I started was to bring the art & the artists who are in the shadows forward so we can get to know them better. I have never, ever felt in the shadows here (& neither has my told me so:). This all feels extremely awkward and even a bit, no actually a whole lot, uncomfortable for me right now. I am honoring my fellow Caedesians request albeit reluctantly.

Mimi is the name my angelic grandchildren call me. My given name is Maureen & my hubby calls me Mo. I answer to all. I am married to my best friend, Rick. We have 6 children (4 boys, 2 girls) and 20 grandchildren, 2 of the boys are first responders. We have a firefighter/paramedic & a policeman. Some nights sleep doesn’t come too easily. My degree is in Radiology and I have worked in health care since I was 14 years old & loved every minute of it. I specialized in trauma & surgery. I am very familiar with developer, fixer, positioning and exposure although through a different type of camera. I used to develop all of my radiographs for a long period of time when working in surgery. I am now retired and truly miss my field.

I shoot a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 camera ~ not a lot of bells nor whistles, no extra lenses and a few dead pixels in it that I have to clone out of my images. But it works well for me. We have been together since 2004 & seem to have a relationship with each other! I had zero interest in photography all of my life and 100% of the shots that I took consisted of the back of people’s heads, people moving away from me or nondescript, vague, faraway suspected objects……never to be identified by anyone in this lifetime. I never dreamed that one day I would look at everything the world had to offer as potential post for a photography site!!! My vision has definitely been broadened and my visual senses awakened since joining here. My cousin has been an Associated Press photographer for 27 years and I had never figured out how he did it until I joined this site! I always thought it was just ‘luck’ or something else equally inane. My bad :-) Hubby had a small Olympus P&S, 2.1MP camera that I took out of town with me and shot some flower pics on my way home at a shopping center. I decided right then that I liked digital photography & that I might want to pursue it further :-) Sun-Kissed was shot with that camera and was my first post to the site.

On Feb. 13th, 2004, our close friend Joe aka jojomercury, came to the house and was telling us about this site where he posted his pictures & how cool it was & world-wide! We played on the computer and after he left, hubby and I joined the site. It was after midnight, so my love affair with began, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2004. Today I am still in a monogamous relationship with this site :-) 5 years later, here I am, having the time of my life with photography!! Time has passed by quickly while I was enjoying the site, learning new things and just having fun. Our grandkids love to come to our house and watch slide shows of images from here. Some even have their favorites! And others ask for images by name!!! One 9 year old boy is in love with a certain “Space” folder that I have for him. What a beautiful education for their incredible minds. They are our future caedesians!

I shoot thousands of pics and post only a few. Why? Because I put one on my desktop for a month or so and look at it. After the emotion of ‘oh, this is so beautiful’ dies down, I am able to be more objective and realize that I was simply caught in the emotion of the moment rather than the quality of the image. If I really like my image after it sits on my desktop forever, then it might get posted. :-) Even that doesn’t guarantee that it is the cream of the crop! I am very inspired and on fire when I see artists changing and growing and stepping out of the box. I love to see a new artist “get it” and begin to compose images and take time and even do a bit of post editing! That tends to jump-start my interests once again into trying something new & different & to challenge myself. I love to follow people on the site as they stick around and I watch their images or creations closely…..and that compels me to either step up & do better, read more, research more or simply don’t do what they are doing. I have learned about composing, lighting, best shooting times, apertures & shutter speeds etc. by reading the artist’s comment about their image in addition to what others have commented on & in serious discussion threads as well as asking questions of others on the site. I read a lot as well. I feel the passion that all of you have for your images and it continues to drives me to want to do better and to be better. I have also done fractals as well as CGI’s. It was great fun and I gained a lot of knowledge as well as tremendous respect for the artists who do that kind of work. I use each and every one of you as my personal professor. I was dumb as a box of rocks when I got here. ppigeon, samatar, mayne, trisbert, philcUK & June are among the ones who helped me so much in the very early days. Many of the women that helped me are no longer here. All of your patience has paid off and I thank you for hanging in there with me! I have just a few very dear friends on the site and that is a gift that comes from our common bond; loving art & the desire to continue to learn & grow together.

I love nature which is why that is what you will find in my gallery. I also love gardening, reading a good novel, crocheting, travel, camping, hiking, mountains, the ocean, my friends, playing with my kitty cats , loving our kids, our grandkids & of course, my hubby.

*caedes very generously serves us, the public, by setting up, maintaining, upgrading & all that “stuff” that he does that through his selfless service. This site has been so instrumental in developing my love for photography, & because others care as well, it has inspired me & taught me how to care enough to create a photographic journal of my life for my grandchildren’s future. They now get to see the places I have been & are being taught the same as I am about composing, lighting, clarity & quality. How? Because they are seeing high quality images every time they are looking at pictures from here. By me having a camera handy most of the time, I am also giving them a journal of memories from their childhood via my pictures that I now know how to shoot, somewhat successfully, thanks to all of you. None of this would have happened if the site wasn’t here & had someone not stayed to show me the way and kept the light on :-).

I cannot thank *caedes enough for what he endures to keep this site up & running & dealing with issues that come up. His devotion & dedication are evident by the clutter-free, care-free site that we are free to use, free of charge!!!

To my fellow Caedesians…please, please hunt out that gallery where the candle is flickering and no one is looking. Let’s start a trend of “Passing it Forward”. What is “it” you ask? “It” is the magic that occurs on this site. Teach others what friendship is… have, share it! You get to keep & enhance what you have by sharing it with others.

The Artist Spotlight as it has been known is now coming to an end. We are now doing the “Art Gallery”. I ask that each of you who have read this to go on a mission; find that gallery and their artist that may have been lost in the quagmire of images that sometimes deluge the site. Bring their name forward and PM me with it…..let’s all step out of the box & out of our comfort zone. Sprinkle the site with helpful comments on all those hidden images, as well as newer artists as you go on your search. Let’s all be adventurous and help others grow as we were allowed to grow. If not for others reaching out to me, I definitely would not be writing this to submit today.

((((my fellow Caedesiansi♥))))


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03/16/09 2:12 AM GMT
Mimi, You are very deserving of this honor and I'm sure you do feel a bit awkward but your gallery speaks volumes. I will try to follow the new path and mission. Congrads Mimi, you are so dedicated and talented and do derserve this. =^..^= Sandi
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
03/16/09 2:23 AM GMT
You deserve your place here, Mimi -- you have worked hard and you have some lovely photographs. :-)
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03/16/09 4:46 AM GMT
What a wonderful inspiring bio Mimi! I love that your children now "see" through your eyes. Congrats!
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03/16/09 7:54 AM GMT
You deserve to be in your 'own' spotlights of the month!
Your gallery is amazing, so congrats and enjoy your time in the spotlights:))
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Carpe Diem
03/16/09 9:20 AM GMT
wOOt, wOOt, wOOt!!

Why to go gal, you deserve it!! You have awesome images and are always there to help each & every one of us on the site!!

Caedes aside, Mimi is a super fun person to chill and hang out with!! I had the pleasure just yesterday at Eagle Days @ The World Bird Sanctuary!! We had a blast just walkin', talkin' and shootin'!!

Again, way to go're a super duper person!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
03/16/09 10:10 AM GMT
Congratulations Mimi - Our "demo" worked and I am pleased to see you here. You have such beautiful flowers and nature shots in your gallery. One can see that you have chosen each one carefully as you have mentioned above. You definitely deserve to be the "Artist of the Month" in spite of your protests. 20 Grandchildren! wow! Sounds like a big happy family.
Have a nice day Mimi and post many more of those beautiful photos.
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
03/16/09 10:58 AM GMT
Congrats, you do deserve the artist of the month, not only do you post, and have wonderful photos, but you help others on the site including me.

Once again Congrats

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Music is the medicine of the mind..... Visit My Gallery.
03/16/09 12:28 AM GMT
Congratulations, Mimi !
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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...
03/16/09 12:34 AM GMT
Boogie, boogie. Lion dances,........dances some more and smiles, wink. :) Way to go Mimi. I know you don't really want this but you do sooooo much for everyone on this site (including me) go on.......take it.....we all got together and said Yup........let's give Mimi a taste of her own medicine. ROFL Couldn't be happier for you my dear. You ARE a great artist in your own right. Luv your photos, and though I'm lucky to even find the button on a camera to take the picture I do know a good photo when I see one (have the eye just not the talent) :) Enjoy my richly deserve it. ((HUGS)) John
0∈ [?]
Always remember - Follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to the Emerald City and OZ A very nice place to be. Trust me on this one, I live there. The Lion **** MY CAEDES GALLERY****Another Site I'm AT - MY DA HOME PAGE
03/16/09 12:39 AM GMT
Congrats Mimi! Consider this to be the site-wide "Pat on The Back" you so richly deserve.
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“The weather is like the government, always in the wrong. ” Jerome K. Jerome. However, you wouldn't be wrong going to see My Gallery.
03/16/09 1:35 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi!!!! You deserve this recognition is so many ways and for so many reasons. Wonderful to see you featured.

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
03/16/09 2:05 PM GMT
just ckedout yourgallery STUNNING GREAT WORK
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03/16/09 2:13 PM GMT
You say thousands of words as well as you do thousands of pictures!...

reap the accolades my dear, so very worthy of you!...
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* To Believe in myself and have faith in my Photography * OwdBob'sGallery
03/16/09 2:41 PM GMT
Congratualtions...Mimi....Most deserved!!
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.Love Flanders.Joost...
03/16/09 3:22 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi! On this well deserved recognition your beautiful images. They are an inspiration to us all.

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Enjoy nature, Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints
03/16/09 3:54 PM GMT
Dear Mimi, there is no more fitting honor then for you to be our final artist of the month. I look forward to the new "art gallery". That said, thanks for being there for me and so many others, both with your images and comments for those of others. You've touched my heart. Alexis
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
03/16/09 5:00 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi! You have a beautiful gallery & your talent behind the lens is inspiring. I enjoyed reading your bio & noticed we have something in common. I shall take your suggestion & will search out some more inspiring art galleries ... there are so many. Enjoy your time in the spotlight my friend .... it is so well deserved.


Sherree :-))
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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ~ Winston Churchill
03/16/09 5:17 PM GMT
Congradulations , you are in the spot light, an it is so well deserved. Steve
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I am not an artist,just a photographer,I capture what I see...Camera Pentax K-10D
03/16/09 7:40 PM GMT
Congratulations,it is well deserved.
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03/16/09 11:52 PM GMT
I didn't realize it was official until I saw Rocker's post Mimi. I am glad you are being honored with this much deserved award. We have visited from time to time and I feel you are one who "passed it forward" to me when I was new. I will try to keep the torch moving. I enjoyed your bio very much. Thanks for all you have done for me and everyone on this site.

Tick* was here

P.S. Is there a place to go to find out all the winners of this award?
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May you never forget what is worth remembering, Or remember what is best forgotten.
03/17/09 3:38 AM GMT
The spotlight has been enlightened with your presense. Congrats Mimi. You well deserve this honor.
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03/17/09 3:49 AM GMT
congrats, mimi. you have done fine work. i especially like valentine corsage and the MBG water lily shots. thanks for helping all of us. jen
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AVATAR BY PJ............... i am always extremely grateful for the kind comments and suggestions that you make. Please Visit My Gallery
03/17/09 5:42 AM GMT
Hey Mimi! Congrats on being in the spotlight, you deserve it, girl! I share your love of nature photography...I took a journey through your gallery... Cardinal Country and Evening Delight, among others, come to mind. Again, congrats!
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"Never let your studies interfere with your education." - Pete Seeger
03/17/09 7:17 AM GMT
Thanks for your wonderful gallery and for all the things you've done for Caedes. Your place in the 'Caedes Hall Of Fame' is very well deserved Mimi.
My congratulations!
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my gallery. In the first case, please CLICK HERE to see my work!
03/17/09 9:49 AM GMT
Congratulations with your well deserved spotlight Mimi.

Greetings Gabrielle
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When you're through with life and all hope is lost. Hold out your hand 'cos friends will be friends - right till the end.
03/17/09 10:37 AM GMT
Congratulations Mimi! Well deserved - thank you for all your work and your beautiful gallery - my favourite is Rose Scented Bath.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
03/17/09 5:43 PM GMT
Mimi, I loved reading more about your background!
Thank you so much for all the effort and enthusiasm you put into Caedes!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
03/17/09 6:26 PM GMT
Mimi...cannot express how happy I am for you!. You do deserve this and it was long time coming...gerry
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"The more we come in contact with animals, and observe their behaviour, the more we love them, for we see how great is their care for their young." - philosopher Immanuel Kant
03/17/09 7:26 PM GMT
Dear Mimi,

Shine in the spotlight. My compliments.


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For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, His eternal power and Godhead;... Rom 1:20
03/17/09 7:42 PM GMT
For your continuous enthusiasm and for all the work you are doing here, thank you very much! Enjoy this spotlight!
Ooops! I didn't forget. Link ;-)
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03/17/09 11:39 PM GMT
Dear Mimi,
I know you like glass art so I made you a little photo gift called "Art Glass for Mimi" just as a token of my thanks for all the effort, time and work you put into the site. I'm glad I will never be in the Artist Spotlight...writing a bio would be a killer anything over a paragraph is too long for me
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Please visit my gallery..and vote on what picture I should delete
03/18/09 2:44 AM GMT
Way to go gal! You soooo deserve it! Just browsed through your gallery. Lovely! =)
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I did it!
03/18/09 4:05 AM GMT
YESSSSS!!!! You de woman! Congrats!
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"Who says the music's dyin' in the streets?...Don't know what they talk about...I like my music wakin' up the dead...Don't tell me to turn it down!!!" - Motley Crue ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
03/18/09 6:06 AM GMT
A fitting end to the Artist Spotlight and it couldn't possibly have ended WITHOUT your need to feel awkward, Mimi, as your devotion to the site, the people on the site, and the quality of the images you bring to the site has been appreciated by all in one way or another...very much enjoyed reading your bio and some of my all-time favorites in your gallery are Rose-Scented Bath, Silent Sentry, and Caught In The Act, just to name a few...enjoy the attention and accolades you so richly deserve.
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I can resist everything except temptation. Oscar Wilde
03/18/09 9:11 AM GMT
Congratulations Mimi to your very well deserved place in the spotlight! Thank you for your kind answers when I needed help and for your work here on Caedes. My favorite images of yours are "Caught In The Act" and "Orchid Water". You have a lovely gallery!
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03/18/09 5:18 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi!

The spotlight for AOTM has never shined any brighter than now.
In my two+ years as a member here I have made many new friends worldwide. Of all the people I've met and had contact with you are without a doubt the Most Generous, Patient, Sincere and Gracious member of this Community called Caedes. Read your Bio and was quite impressed. I love your gallery . It shows your Patience and Love for the simple things in Life.
Of all your images I'm sure you know which one is my FAVORITE. LOL.

Thanks Mimi for Always Being There!
Congrats Again!

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
03/18/09 6:29 PM GMT
Congrats do so much for this community and deserve every minute in the spotlight. I definitely interest in photography would be non-existent if it weren't for this site...and this site wouldn't be what it is today without your tireless efforts.

Oh yeah...your photography is good too ;)
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Check out my website
03/18/09 11:49 PM GMT
Mimi congrats. It is something you deserve but more then that it is the quality of your product. Many thanks.

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03/19/09 1:55 AM GMT
This may have made you feel awkward & uncomfortable Mimi, but it is so deserving hon. *hug* You've done so much for the site, quietly, & without fanfare too. I couldn't be happier for you ! You're a fabulous photographer & I really enjoyed your bio... I had no idea you were personal friends with jojomercury ! But even more importantly..... I'm just pleased to call you friend.

Enjoy your time in the sun hon.... shine on !
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I've got amnesia & deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before ! ... That was Zen, but this is Tao !!! ...CLICK TO SAVE LIVES !
03/19/09 8:42 AM GMT
Well done on so graciously bowing to the will of the people Mimi, your hard work is so greatly appreciated around here and your gallery is a place of beauty. Congratulations:)
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03/19/09 3:17 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi. Your gallery is one of quality and beauty. Nice going.

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I love March Madness
03/19/09 7:54 PM GMT
Thank you for all the wonderful things you accomplish behind the scenes and on the front line as well. I appreciate, most of all, your diplomatic, friendly and always courteous way of handling situations and lending help. You have stepped into the spotlight at our request with much aplomb and grace.
And each one of your beautiful images exudes a sense of peace and calm and all's right with the world.
Thank you, mimi. Congratulations.
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03/20/09 6:35 AM GMT
(*reads Cindy's post above him ...*)

Tough ... tough, act to follow. But, follow .. I shall try. :o)

!! ** Congrats, Sis ** !!

Reluctantly or no on your part, you deserve your time in the spotlight. As much as your time invested and expended on the site here is indeed a part of the acknowledgement of your peers ... read the words above.

And your own words, and I quote;

"I have never, ever felt in the shadows here (& neither has my told me so:)."

My personal fav of yours?

"Silent Sentry"

Me luvs it. :o))

You being featured is a fitting bookend to a chapter on the site here ... let's turn the page now and find those that may be in the shadows. :o)
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
03/20/09 11:45 PM GMT
Big Hug! Congrats to you mimi, your photos in your gallery and your well thought out comments on other photos has always been the best. And what you do for this site is very much appreciated. I am proud to have met you at the World Bird Sanctuary last year, and I am sure we will meet again. I am glad to know you as a friend. "Silent Sentry" is also my favorite photo of yours. Enjoy the spotlight as it shines it's light down on you. Gregg.
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If you wish to purchase framed photos, prints or greeting cards of my work please visit my website .
03/21/09 8:18 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi, I just looked at your gallery and your love of photography comes shining through. You certainly deserve this honour. Nancy
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
03/21/09 10:17 PM GMT
Bless you darling, you are a winner in every aspect of life. I am so happy for you. Love and the best of wishes to you, and to all of your loved ones. Dwight.
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03/21/09 10:41 PM GMT
Congratulations, Mimi! You bring a welcome warmth to, in addition to sharing your outstanding work! Thanks for all you do! Wen
0∈ [?]
03/22/09 1:21 AM GMT
Yay! Congratulations, my friend. :)
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03/22/09 12:25 AM GMT
Congratulations! I'm glad you're being honored and I always love learning more about our artists in this section. I hope we'll be able to do the same in the art gallery. Thanks for the inspiration! Hilda
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All of earth is crammed with heaven And every bush aflame with God But only those who see take off their shoes. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning<p> mygallery
03/23/09 8:23 PM GMT
Congratulations Mimi, this is waaayyy overdue. Not only are you a great photographer, you also put so much into this site. I owe you a particular debt of gratitude for the wonderful part you played in last year's get-together. Having the contest results coordinated and announced by you over the cell phone was terrific. I hope you'll enjoy this moment in the spotlight that you created. Thank you for your art and your tireless support of this site!
0∈ [?]
"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." Dorothea Lange
03/23/09 11:16 PM GMT
Congrats me lady. Yes, you do deserve this so just button yer trap. You are a sweety pie, gracious and kind and I couldn't think of a better person to be featured. My favorite image of yours? Oh, it has to be that little fawn by the soldier's tombstone. Luv ya.
Owd Momma
0∈ [?]
03/24/09 8:29 PM GMT
Congratulations, as well, Mimi. I am still pretty new to
the site to comprehend all of the ins and outs, but I do
remember that you were one of the first, if not the first
people to visit and comment on my 1st submission. Thinking
back it meant alot to me. Your honorarium is well deserved.

0∈ [?]
03/25/09 6:20 AM GMT
Just a quick note....I will finish thanking each of you personally,hopefully soon....a few things have cropped up as they do with a large family and as the kids begin healing I will begin writing again. Just know that all of the kind words above have made my eyes leak daily! ((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))
0∈ [?]
03/26/09 10:09 AM GMT
grin, you didnt want it, but its making your eyes leak, so thats a good thing! :-) congratulations Mimi, you really are a sweetie. x
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04/01/09 9:25 PM GMT
It warms my heart to hear this news, Mimi! A wonderful honor and so deserving! I truly enjoyed reading your bio. Your gracious devotion to this site is much appreciated, and your imagery is so very beautiful! You are an inspiration to us all my dear! :) Thank you for being my friend! <<hugs>>
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*Tea is a cup of life*
04/15/09 5:38 PM GMT
Congrats and thanks for all the work you do on the site!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
05/11/09 9:42 AM GMT
Mimi, of all the people before you who have shared this spot, I can think of no-one who deserves to be honored here more than you.
Over the years, I've seen a steady increase in quality of your images, and it is always a pleasure to see what's new in Mimi's Gallery.
Take care my friend!!!!
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07/28/09 7:09 PM GMT
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