Artist Spotlight # 38

Submitted by mimi 02/03/09 7:57 AM GMT

We have another artist to view in the spotlight for 2009…nominated by popular vote. I present to you Sandi, better known as tigger3. Please take some time to note her favorite image as well as visit her entire entire gallery!

Hello Everyone, I must say I was so thrilled and yet shocked when I read the PM that said I was chosen by you my friends to be the Artist of the Month! I had to re-read it just to make sure I was not dreaming.

I would like to give you some insight to the person behind Tigger3. My name is Sandra Leiter and I live with my partner Harry, of 18 years, in an old two story farmhouse on just a little over 3 acres with my 5 cats and our yellow lab Dakota; we have also have horses and ferrets. I have been married twice and that is enough, I did not want to go for number 3 even though that is my favorite number. lol! I have a daughter Shannon who is married and they live not too far from here on their own little countryside home with dogs, cats and horses - I guess it runs in the family. lol! I was born In Fremont, Nebraska but at the age of 8 my parents decided to move west to California. My dad went first to find a place to live and a job after which he sent for us. My mom and I went by train to San Francisco and met up with dad and then settled into our new apt and lifestyle. I went through school out there and finished high school and made it through the 60's and all that had to offer, and then started working at the Stanford Bookstore on the Stanford University campus and stayed there till 1982. I then moved out to Indiana with my second husband who was from this state and he wanted to come home. After my parents retired they in turn moved back to their roots of Nebraska and then after having health issues asked me to look for a house for them close by. With much vigor I found them a comfortable new home which is located between my workplace and home. Harry and I rented a U-Haul and moved them into their new home and that day they first walked into the door of the new house was the first time they actually saw it other than on paper. I was so happy to have them close by once again after so many years and they were very pleased with the new home.

I first found out about caedes from the Kim Kommando newsletter and started visiting it all the time. I so enjoyed the wonderful postings from all over the world and I was in awe of the fantastic works by the members. Not till after my dad's passing did I for some reason decide to join caedes and give this photography thing a try. My first postings were taken with the Fuji fine Pix point and shoot, and then I decided to get my first DSLR - the Samsung GX 1L and now I'm using the Canon 450D. At first I thought I had made the wrong purchase with the Canon but now that I have stored away the kit lens and bought my first sigma lens - the 17-70 and with some trial and error shots I'm enjoying my new camera and also the zoom lens's I have purchased.

I have made this my full time hobby and just love it. I have seen so many new things and found new places even close to home, which I would never have found if it was not for the camera bug I now have in me. On one nature walk I met a wonderful lady who told me she had left the church but was finding her way back and hoped to be able to do mission work in time. A short time ago I got an email from her telling me she was going on her mission to Kenya In April. We are meeting for lunch this Saturday and I look forward to seeing her again. My posting "Kathleen's Serenity" was inspired by her and the fast friendship we made that day.

My favorite image in my gallery is "Visitor at the Gardens" It brought me my highest score and also put me onto the top 20 images of 2008. I was very humbled to find this out from a very good friend of mine on caedes. I would never have guessed that back in Oct. 2006 when I joined and started to post images that I would make such a list let alone the artist of the month. I get so much enjoyment from this site and the wonderful friends I have made. The highlight of my time on caedes and making friends came when I got that special long distance phone call from England! I actually was talking to my long time and dear friend Anne-Marie (papi11on). I so wish I could make the trip to England for the UK get together but my commitments close to home keep me from that at this time - maybe next year!

What I truly enjoy is my friendships I have made, the wonderful back and forth PM's and viewing your wonderful images. I so enjoy seeing other parts of the world through your eyes and camera lenses. I have learned so much since my early days on here. From what makes a good composed image and the meaning of DOF! :) I have lots more to learn and I think that is a never ending thing - the learning process. I would like to expand my knowledge more into other programs like reflect and terragen to name a few but need to take the time to do it.

I will bring this to an end; I hope it does not end up being too long. I want to thank you my good friends for your support, friendship and all the help many of you have given me. I have asked you a lot of questions. I do try to help others also, and wish I could even more. I cannot express enough my feelings of being chosen by you as this Month's Artist to be spotlighted. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would make it to this point. I really owe this to you, my friends who are so helpful in their comments, support and true friendship! Thank you! =^..^= Sandi


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02/04/09 6:39 AM GMT
CONGRATS SANDI !!!!!!! a well deserved award to a talented lady.. your gallery is full of great work from Stunning sunsets to beautiful scenery to Feathered, furry & insect friends is a great variety.. One of my personal favs in your gallery is Dragon Blue the DOF, the details and colours are fantastic..

I look forward to more of the wonderful work of tigger3..
Now sit back, put your feet up, get lots of coffee ready, flex the fingers as your going to have a lot of typing to do.. hehe.. enjoy the award you deserve it.
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02/04/09 9:36 AM GMT
Couldn't happen to a nicer person and most deserving...congratulations Sandi...I have watched your talents continue to grow and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite as there are just too many...looking forward to more in future...meantime, enjoy the spotlight.
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02/04/09 10:14 AM GMT
Hi Sandi,
Let me be one of the first few to congratulate you on becoming The Artist of the Month - a well deserved honour. I have often admired your photos although I have not commented on them so often. Your gallery is an amazing mixture of animals, insects, landscapes, sunsets, flowers etc. etc. and there one can clearly see your enthusiasm as a photographer. Keep them coming, I say.
- Raj
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02/04/09 11:02 AM GMT
~hoots & hollers~

Hotdog!! Way to go Tig!! Always enjoyment looking at your works!! Congrats on your spotlight!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
02/04/09 11:19 AM GMT
Sandi, this honour really couldn't go to a better and nicer person on this site. I always enjoy opening up your images when they arrive on my Friends' List and I always enjoy your comments on my uploads. Enjoy your time in the spotlight.

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02/04/09 11:42 AM GMT
Congratulations from me too Sandi!
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Please visit my gallery.
02/04/09 12:01 AM GMT
Congrats to you my friend!
You have been a good friend and you are a great photographer :-)


Oh and ps. my favs in your gallery would probably be, A Visitor in the gardens and Pink :-)
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02/04/09 12:37 AM GMT
Standing Ovation Sandi !

Congratulations !

Your Sunrise / Sunset Landscape Images are my Favorites.
Thanks for Always being such a Good and Supporting Friend.

Pop the Cork !!!

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
02/04/09 1:02 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi - very well deserved.
Your work is an inspiration to many.
I love all your varied work and particularly your butterfly shots - my favourite is Fragile Step Lightly.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/04/09 1:14 PM GMT
Well Done Miss Sandi.
A well deserved award for a deserving artist. i hav always followed your workand have been inspired many times by you. Thanks for all that you have done and will continue to do.

EJ is Poping the cork....I'll bring the BBQ!!

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02/04/09 1:21 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi,it is well deserved,your photos are very good and you are a nice person too.
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02/04/09 1:52 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi! Very much enjoyed reading your bio and beginnings into the world of photography. I have two favorites of your recent work: Snowy River and Cheekwood Grounds-Good to the Last Drop. Although you have a diverse gallery the quality is always consistently inspiring.
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02/04/09 1:55 PM GMT
Congratulations to you, Sandi -- I have loved your photographs from the start. I remember telling you that every time I saw a photo I liked in the new gallery and made a beeline for it, it was always one of yours. :-) I have so many of them jostling for place on my desktop.
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02/04/09 2:16 PM GMT
A BIG congratulations to you Sandi. I cannot begin to say how very deserving of this honor you are. Your photo work is an inspiration to me and your willingness to help me is priceless. Thank you for being such a great shutterbug friend and again congrats. :o)

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
02/04/09 3:23 PM GMT
About time too!...You should have been up there long afore now!...

Many congratulations dear Tiggs!...

reap the rewards cos you really are such a fine photographer!...

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02/04/09 5:21 PM GMT
Lion dances around......smiles :)......dances around some more. :) WoooHooo.........congratulations sweetie, it's about time too. LOL Luv your photos and the kind gentle heart that I know is behind them. You bring a wonderful feeling to your posts and I know exactly what you mean........most of the time. :) LOL I'm sooo proud and happy for you Sandi, enjoy it my dear. You deserve it. (((HUGS))) John
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02/04/09 6:59 PM GMT
Congrats Sandi, well deseverd and enjoy your time in the spotlights:))
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Carpe Diem
02/04/09 7:00 PM GMT
Hi hoooo Sandi ! :-) Congratulations ! ! ! So pleased you got the recognition that you deserve ! Well done !

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02/04/09 8:01 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi ... a well deserved honor. I always enjoy your images & they bring me a smile. I'm especially fond of your duck, swan, & bird captures. Enjoy your time in the spotlight my dear friend.
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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ~ Winston Churchill
02/04/09 10:12 PM GMT
Congrats, Sandi!! Girl, you soo deserve this great honor for all the beautiful pictures and great words of encouragement you give each of us. YIPPEE!!!!
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Angelle "Sometimes you just need to stop, breathe deep, and scream. Trust me, it helps."
02/04/09 10:24 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi!!! well overdue! You deserve this recognition for the contributions you make to the site! well done my friend!
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..thanking you in advance for your comments. Please know that all your comments are appreciated....." Live well, love much, laugh often!" .... mygallery
02/04/09 11:04 PM GMT
Wow....Congrats, Sandi. It is a well deserved honor. I love your gallery, and I have learned a lot from your pictures, and your help. Keep up the great work.

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Where has time gone?
02/05/09 1:32 AM GMT
Such a well deserved honor that was overdue Tigz. You were one of the first to welcome me to Caedes and helped me immensely with the learning to edit skills. I have always appreciated your help. Your work is so good and you immerse yourself entirely into you work. I value your friendship and always look forward to your photos.

Everyone else has pretty much summed it up. I really enjoyed reading your bio as well. My favorite photo of yours. I think it is the next one.......................



How about a little Marty to help you celebrate. This will probably suit a former California girl from the 60's.
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Check the shadows to see if you are there
02/05/09 4:19 AM GMT
And another congrats from me! You so deserve this honor, Sandi... your images are really very special and beautiful. One of your images that I particularly like is the one called "A Busy Feeder"... no less than five tiny goldfinches on one feeder... truly magical!
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02/05/09 8:01 AM GMT
Congatulations, Sandi...What a great addition to the Hall of Fame!
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02/05/09 9:39 AM GMT
Congratulations Sandi...great to see you get this honor. Good one on ya.
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02/05/09 10:52 AM GMT
Personally, my favourite of your uploads is Getting His Bee-d On with its wonderful bokeh.
Congrats Sandi :-)
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02/05/09 12:03 AM GMT
Such a well deserved and long overdue honour Sandi, your images are full of such beauty and emotion (I have a particular soft spot for your ducky pics:) and are always as moving as they are gorgeous. Congratulations:)
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02/05/09 5:04 PM GMT
BRAVO Sandi! You've worked hard and endured some trying times to get here and you more than deserve it! I feel honored to be your friend... Now let's see my favorite? Let me get back to you on that one! *Mary*
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02/05/09 7:30 PM GMT
Sandi...I am very happy for you!! Of course you are well deserving of this. In your bio you mention how you have developed friendships here at Caedes and has been instrumental in improving your artistic skills...personally I think this is what this site is all about. I am so happy to call you a friend...gerry
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02/05/09 8:11 PM GMT
Finally, I am so happy for you but not surprised at all for winning this award. Your gallery is amazing and your work is always improving. I enjoy your bird and butterfly photos, and also the beautiful landscapes. Keep up the good work, you are a gifted photographer and I am honored to have you as a friend...Gregg
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02/05/09 8:49 PM GMT
"Fragile, Step Lightly" and "Lily White" are but two of my favorites of your myriad of wonderful photos. I have long admired the ability you have to always present us with clear, high quality, exemplary images that represent the world's natural beauty. You are immersed in getting the best from what you do and are successful at it. I admire too, your spirit and grace and your warm and thoughful attitudes.
Congratulations, Sandi for attaining to this public acknowledgement of your photographic talent. I always thought your name would appear as AOTM and now it has happened. You so deserve this honor, m'lady.
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"Felicity is a tree whose root is certitude and crown is serenity"...Frithjof Schuon
02/05/09 10:36 PM GMT
Hurray for you, Sandi! Congratulations are in order. I've always enjoyed your photos. Have a most wonderful day!
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02/06/09 7:30 AM GMT
Congrats Sandi with your well deserved spotlight!

Always enjoy opening a post from you and would not be able to pick a fav as they are all so beautiful.

Hugs and kisses
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02/06/09 8:54 PM GMT
Big congrats, Sandi! I always enjoy your pictures and I'm so pleased your fav is a monarch butterfly. Mine, too! I hadn't realized before reading this that we both discovered Caedes because of Kim Komando and have a similar story. All the best and happy 'shooting'!
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02/06/09 9:54 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi, you's most deserving of this honor. I have always loved your photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, and for all your help and advise. Enjoy this honor, and I look forward to more wonderful capture from you! Lyn.
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02/07/09 12:57 AM GMT
Well girl, I guess I better start to read that front page more often, cause someone had to tell me you were on it! this is so late because of that. You can guess who told me..hehe..I'm so happy and proud of you Sandi! You truly deserve this honor and have for a long time now. You're one of the greatest, my friend! I've always loved your photos and even more, I love your friendship! Keep on taking those pics and I'll keep on commenting! to you soon!
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Love and live.
02/07/09 1:45 AM GMT
"A visitor to the gardens" is the perfect example of all elements that make a fine image. Congratulations on a well deserved AOM recognition.
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comments/critiques always appreciated
02/07/09 12:02 AM GMT
A well deserved honor, Congradulations
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I am not an artist,just a photographer,I capture what I see
02/07/09 1:34 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi, as everybody else has already stated - a well deserved honour.
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02/07/09 2:29 PM GMT
Sandi my friend, I am so happy you were chosen for this! Congratulations!! You truely deserve this! I started out much later here at Caedes and you were one of the first to wellcome me and help me. Thank you! I have enjoyed your wonderful work so many times and my special folder is full of beautiful photos you have posted. Congratulations one more time!
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02/07/09 2:51 PM GMT
I must congratulate you Sandi for the award.It is well deserved by you.You light up life in caedes with your pictures, and your enthusiasm. Congratulations !
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02/07/09 11:04 PM GMT
Congrats, Sandi!! A well-deserved personal favorite of yours is "Fragile Step Lightly", although I like all your butterfly shots and your sunset shots as well. Congrats!!!
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02/08/09 5:11 AM GMT
Dear Sandi,

Just now saw who got ATOM! Whohoooooooo! Way to go !! You're so derserving. You're always so willing to help others and your works are always so creative and well done.

Your leap into photography must be a natural extension of your talents.

I'm so proud to count you as one of my friends.

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02/08/09 8:07 PM GMT
Congratulations Sandi that Caedes members have chosen you as Artist of of the Month. Your place in the 'Caedes Hall Of Fame' is very well deserved.
Think it's a good opportunity to say "Thank you" once again for all the wonderful images you've posted. Really great as they've enjoyed a lot of people (so me too, lol) very much.
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here to enjoy your image. Please CLICK HERE to see his work!
02/09/09 12:48 AM GMT
Hello Sandi...I am writing to offer my heartfelt congratulations on becoming Artist of the Month....Well done Sandi.....All the best to you.....Mick.
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02/09/09 10:24 AM GMT
yay way to go girl! congratulations on the title and i hope you enjoy your month of fame! Jan :-)
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02/10/09 12:03 AM GMT
Congratulations! Is it hot under that spot light?
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02/10/09 1:28 PM GMT
Congratulations and my best wishes to you!!!!!
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02/11/09 1:44 PM GMT
Oh, gawd, I have got to start reading the first page! lol.

Sandi, I am so happy for you! The recognition is honored by having your name associated with it. You have been a tremondous help to all of us, and I for one, truly appreciate it.
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02/12/09 4:46 AM GMT
Congrats on this honor, your gallery is wonderful.

I hope to start posting again in the next few months (now that our twins are about 10 months old). That responsibility has really taken a toll on my ability to get out with my gear.
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02/13/09 6:00 PM GMT
Congrats Sandi, I was wondering when you would get this!
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02/17/09 4:34 PM GMT
Hey you are one of my best buds! I value your friendship and love kitty pic's. My cat is a short hair American calico and I call her my girly girl, we snuggle and she follows me everywhere. You are such a super photographer and so glad I know you and see all your wonderful pic's. Congrats my dear kitty loving friend and super artist.
Hugs! Diane
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02/18/09 1:42 AM GMT
Whew ... didn't take too too long for the post numbers to reach my lucky number. That being ... 54. So ... here I is. :oP

/\ Just kidding a bit.

Congratulations, Sandi; aka Tiggs; aka Scrunch ... aka "Caedes AOTM for February 2009" (<--- has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :o) ).

Well done and well deserved. Enjoy the rest of your time in the limelight. :o)
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
02/20/09 9:32 PM GMT
I may be late to the party, but I doubt I'll be last. A well deserved honor, Sandi. Congratulations!
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
02/20/09 10:03 PM GMT
Well done Sandi!
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"Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film." ~~My DA Gallery~~
02/22/09 10:02 PM GMT
Dear Tigglette,

I can't believe I missed this thread and thank goodness a little bird told me about it, otherwise my browser would continue to open at the Caedes' New Images link!

Sandi, I'm absolutely delighted you've been awarded Artist of the Month: 1001 congratulations, my friend and I couldn't be more pleased for you. It's been a joy to see your work go from strength to strength during your time here on Caedes and equally joyful to be counted as one of your good friends. (Yes, our Christmas chat by phone was lovely, wasn't it?!)

I've always admired your willingness to tackle any new subject, and to persevere until you've mastered it. It's such a real pleasure to look through your gallery and marvel at the diversity of subjects you've photographed, many of which circulate regularly on my desktop carousel.

My favourite image of yours is Pristine Colours and yes, I promise I will finish the painting of it one of these fine days.

Enjoy your well-deserved place in the spotlight, Tigglette, and again - heartiest congratulations and every best wish for your continuing success.

Fond regards,
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02/27/09 5:20 AM GMT
Congratulations Sandi! A very well deserved honor! I have thoroughly enjoyed following the results of your wonderful photographic skills, and look forward to seeing what is to come! Best of wishes to you my friend :)

p.s. I apologize that I could not be here sooner.
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*Tea is a cup of life*
03/03/09 7:24 PM GMT
I forgot to congratulate you for being Artist of the Month ;o)
Sandi, it was about time to choose you for honoring AOTM, so well done my friend, you really deserve it!
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03/07/09 9:06 PM GMT
Hmm your amount of replies is hanging on 59 for a couple of days now, so lets put in another reply to make it a nice round 60 ! Congrats again Sandi :-)
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03/10/09 11:33 AM GMT
Congrats Sandi! Couldn't have happened to a sweeter gal. hugz! xox
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I did it!
03/14/09 6:33 PM GMT
A belated congratuations! Your work absolutely warrants this special distinction! Wen
0∈ [?]
04/07/09 11:25 AM GMT
About time too!...You should have been up there long afore now!...

Many congratulations dear Tiggs!...
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
06/16/09 2:58 PM GMT
Congratulations for something that i dion't know about but i'm happy for you any way!!!!!!!! Good luck with what ever your doing good at!@ really
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06/16/09 3:24 PM GMT
I know that you have a very good heart so im happy for you and you being the best artist
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06/16/09 3:37 PM GMT
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