Artist Spotlight # 47

Submitted by mimi 01/21/10 5:21 AM GMT

We are kicking off the year Twenty Ten with an artist who does "mysterious" things and makes very pretty images. I am referring to the world of fractals. Please greet your next artist to be spotlighted...tealeaves known around this town as Lori! Take some time to investigate her fractals in the colorful gallery she maintains as well as read her biography below!


I must say, that upon receipt of Mimi's PM indicating that I had been chosen for AOTM, it had taken me quite by surprise. I am deeply touched by this gesture and want to thank all those who felt I was worthy of such an honor. Because, a true honor it is!

As most of you know, my name is Lori. I am 46 years old, and I have lived in the City of Chicago my entire life. I was employed by a nationwide insurance company for over 27 years, as a Senior Case Manager, adjusting complex Workman Compensation claims. I say "was", because unfortunately, I lost my job in early 2009. However, I left with a good severance package and have been coping with the adjustment fairly well.

I feel that my love for the arts and creativity, is owed to my Mother. She is a very talented woman. Early memories of my childhood, growing up with my three younger brothers, she was the one who opened the door to the world of crafts to us. This involved hand crafts, painting, needlework, baking, writing and drawing, amongst others. We loved all of it! Still to this day, my brothers and I, all have an interest in arts, in one form or another. My other passions include music of most all genres, international cuisines, cooking, baking, some antiques, and repairing and troubleshooting computers.

Like most of you, I came across while looking for quality desktop wallpapers to grace my monitor, and I just kept coming back. Mostly a "lurker" and an occasional commenter in the beginning of my membership. I finally got up enough nerve to submit my first photograph in 2006, and was pleasantly surprised by the encouraging comments and warm welcomes I had received. The camera I was using at the time was my first digital camera; Olympus C-4000 Zoom. I posted several more photographs. But, it did not take long for me to discover my interest and love for the fractals and computer graphics on the site. I had learned about Tierazon from Doug (snapshooter87), and Apophysis from John (jswgpb). Both, free fractal generators, and for the most part, the programs that were currently being used by fractal artists. So, I delved into the world of fractals! Quite difficult at first, but everyone learns through trial and error, whether it is their forte. John was a great help to me during this period of time. Especially involving the settings and the main workings of the program. The comments on my first fractals were very encouraging as well, so I continued to submit them, leaving my camera on the sidelines. I have since obtained a newer point and shoot camera; Canon A710 IS, but rarely have the opportunity to use it.

It was suggested that I mention my favorite image from my gallery. I believe that would be a toss up between "The Spice Merchant" and "Autumn's Waltz". I would love to hear which one is your favorite from my gallery. :) I am so happy to have made so many wonderful friends throughout my membership at Caedes, and have enjoyed the community atmosphere that is so prevalent here. I'm also very thankful to Geri (caedes) for making it possible for us all to share our talents on this awesome site! I have witnessed countless times, members giving of their time, and willingness in helping others just starting out, or learning a new concept. These attitudes are what make this site stand out! A special thanks to all who continue to support and inspire me, and a sincere and heartfelt thanks for your nomination!


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01/24/10 10:48 PM GMT
WOW !! Way to go Lori. What a great honor for a great artist. You sure deserve it always have such a nice little 'extra' touch to your images. You really do amaze me because I never know what to expect. :) Pleased as punch for ya sweetie, enjoy your moment in the sun........I'm sooo happy I'm dancin' you don't want to watch. :) ROFL ......lion dances off.............boogie...boogie. One of your best IMO Link ....I luv the shine. :)
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01/24/10 11:51 PM GMT
Congrats Lori... I have browsed your Caedes' portfolio and I think I have come up with two preferred images... Joy and Autumn's Waltz ! :o)
Word of warning! I have made my choice before having viewed all of your art at max. window size but it is difficult to do so with 8 pages of posts at 36 per page or a total of 273 images! :o)
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01/25/10 2:01 AM GMT
A sincere congratulations, my friend. A well deserved honor.

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01/25/10 11:47 AM GMT
Lori, my congratulations for becoming a place in the 'Caedes Hall Of Fame'. Enjoy your place in the spotlights. Well deserved!
Thanks too for sharing your wonderful and very creative work with us.
Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
01/25/10 11:48 AM GMT
It sure is about time!! Mucho congrats Lori, you have such a special talent and I enjoy every work you do!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
01/25/10 12:33 AM GMT
About time!! lol.. Congrats Lori, you always do beautiful work.. I went through your gallery to choose my fav.. ummm well.. I couldn't pick one every piece of work is gorgeous and is special in every way..

A well deserved award for a Fantastic Fractalist..

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the award...
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01/25/10 2:10 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori! Truly enjoyed reading your bio as well your inspiring creative journey. It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite. I always look forward to the next creative journey. Thank you for sharing them.
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01/25/10 3:23 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori,you have some beautiful pictures,you are a kind person too.
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01/26/10 2:49 AM GMT
Very nice bio, Lori ... as my love and inspiration for the arts has it's roots with the exposure provided me from my own parents as well. :o)

Fav image?

Tough call there, mind you a couple readily come to mind:

"Ngon Polygon" ... really appeals to my Apop artistic sensibilities.

And then that of:

"Happy Birthday to Terri / madmaven !"

/\ This one made me sit up and really take notice of your proficiency with the program at the time. I tried replicating the visual results to no avail.

Congratulations, Lori ... suppose this might become a mantra of sorts for the accolades you will receive in the comments to follow, and already echoed above ... 'well-deserved'.

And that is indeed an understatement where you and the Caedes Community is concerned. :o)

Enjoy your time and looking forward to seeing work from you. Always a pleasure to view ... and typically, very informative as well.

Thanks for giving of your time and talents. :o)
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01/26/10 2:50 AM GMT
AOTM congradulations Lori,your very good,excelent in fact in the world of fractals.
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"Learn from the mistakes of others,you won't have time to make them all yourself"
01/26/10 3:39 AM GMT
Congratulations Lori, your talent richly deserves this recognition. You keep coming with new inventive and creative ideas all the time. Please don't stop.
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01/26/10 3:02 PM GMT
Congrats Lori for being in the spotlights this month, it's well deserved, I always take a peek at your work. I don't understand a think of fractals and all those programs, but I do enjoy your work...a lot:o)

So...enjoy your time in the spotlights.

My favs are... Autumn's Waltz and....
Buttercream and.....and...there are so many that I like :oD

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01/26/10 4:02 PM GMT
Congratulations. :)
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01/26/10 7:57 PM GMT
Congrats and well done.
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01/26/10 10:55 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori! A so well-deserved honor. It would be difficult for me to choose one or two images as my faves ... they all have your special creative touch & I truly enjoy all of your work. Enjoy your time in the spotlight & thanks for sharing your talents in the world of art.
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"I Love Lab's!"
01/26/10 11:00 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori on becoming the Artist of the Month. I am not a "fractal Man" but I have always admired those intricate and beautiful designs created by the fractal artists. I have felt that when it comes to grading the pictures, many don't give enough consideration to the time and effort required to make the final product. I have been through your gallery and find that your creations are first class. In my opinion you truly deserve this honour.
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01/27/10 12:24 AM GMT
Way to go Lori, Congrats on this honor and I'm sorry that I'm late. But believe me I'm so happy for you. Your a very talented fractal artist. I wish more people would understand how difficult and time consuming they can be. I think they are usually underrated. I like so many of your works and after looking through your beautiful gallery, I would like to go along with Les on "Ngon Polygon" there are so many others that deserve the mention as well. Congrats and enjoy your time in the spotlight. Kudos my friend. =^..^=sandi
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/27/10 2:17 PM GMT
Congratulations, Lori! I know so little about fractals, but admire those who can do them. I really like your Winter's Waltz - because of the textures and colors and because I love to waltz! Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed learning more about you in your comments, as well. Hilda
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01/27/10 3:50 PM GMT
I can't believe I didn't see this on the front page til now!!!!!'m sorry Lori. But I'm very proud of you and you certainly deserve this honor!! Way to go girl! I love your works, but you know that already...hehe
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01/28/10 3:24 AM GMT
Congratulations Lori - an honor well deserved. Yours were the first fractals to catch my eye on the site - and I must agree with Raj - from the few fractals I've done they are more time consuming than photography and probably under appreciated by most. Your work is truly elegant .
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01/28/10 11:58 AM GMT
My sincere congrants Lori - your work is beautiful.
Not easy to choose a favourite, but I do especially love Maidens of the Night and Rose Marble..
I enjoyed reading your bio as well.

Something else about your work that adds even more value is your wonderfully descriptive titles :)

Bask in he spotlight - you deserve it

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01/28/10 6:58 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori. You create such marvelous and fantastic images. Among my favorites would be "Joy to the World", "Maiden of the Night" and "Ngon Polygon".
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01/31/10 2:56 AM GMT
Hi Lori:
I forgot to extend my congratulations in that last missive, and thought I'd do so here. Picking favourites from your work is a mind bender for me, Just tooooo many.
I also found the answer to one of my questions, as I found one image where you used Flaming Pear's "Flood" in the process.
Enjoy your celebrity.... you earned it.
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01/31/10 6:18 AM GMT
I am soooooooooooo elated Lori!!! My dear dear friend, the one who has helped me overcome every single hurdle with my new computer. I am so happy for you, as I know the feeling, since I was just behind you as AOTM in's mind blowing isn't it? I am so proud I know you and your fractals are so very beautiful and fun. I would not be able to choose a I love most of your creations for sure. I am so happy for you and more then that I am happy you and I became such great friends. I now have some happiness in my life..too...I wish you well my friend. Bigtime hugs over this honour...Love ya...verena
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01/31/10 6:35 PM GMT
Lori, I am so very happy for you. You know how much I enjoy your work. You are very deserving of this recognition.
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02/01/10 8:19 PM GMT
Congratulation Lori and I would have to say Spirited Plumage is my favorite. Knowing next to nothing about fractals, I just go by what pleases my eye and mind. That one did. Well deserved honor.

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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
02/01/10 8:50 PM GMT
Congratulations to You Lori! Such a wonderful honor for a wonderful person. Keep that beauty springing forth! :o)

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
02/02/10 9:08 AM GMT
Congratulations, Lori...I'm so pleased to see you receive the recognition you deserve for your beautiful creations...I honestly can't pick any favorites...there are just so many...each so exquisite in design and uniquely different...keep up the wonderful work...I am looking forward to more of your 'magic'.
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02/02/10 9:18 PM GMT
Your images are wonderful, but it's your friendship that I value most. Nice people can and do finish first.
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02/03/10 3:04 AM GMT
Outstanding, Lori...congrats!
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02/03/10 11:50 PM GMT
I am so proud to have yet another of my friends honored this way. Way to go girl!
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02/06/10 5:21 AM GMT
You more than deserve it, and how pleased I was to come back on here for a visit and see that you've been honored in this way.


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02/08/10 3:10 PM GMT
No one deserves it more, Lori. "Top a the world, Ma. Top a the world." :D

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02/16/10 6:16 PM GMT
WOW!!! You have "arrived" girl!! Congratulation Lori. It' is such a treat to read your bio and realize you're a real person!:):) LOL:) I have always loved "The Spice Merchant" and instantly saw it in my mind when you mentioned it:):) It's a joy to learn about your family and their influence on you. It's just a pleasure to know you and to share our talents. God bless, your friend,. Bruce B.
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02/19/10 7:05 PM GMT

Congrats Lori on this very Special Honor.
You are more than deserving. Your work is Outstanding!
I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of Fame. Although I think I just extended it to 16 minutes. LOL.

Congrats Again!

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
03/03/10 9:41 AM GMT
Hey Lori, you are a star and deservedly so. I am proud to count you as a Caedes friend and continue to be amazed by your imagination and creativity!. Frank
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04/19/10 1:31 PM GMT
Well done, Lori -- it's great to see another fractal artist on the front page. You deserve it especially, as I've had my eye on your work for some time now -- perhaps it was from the beginning. :-) I'm sorry I didn't comment before now -- I've been asleep since Christmas, or that's what it feels like! LOL.

One of my old favourites from your gallery is Aqua de Jamaica -- the colours and delicacy of it are just lovely.
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06/06/10 7:20 PM GMT
Venetian Veil, The Tree,Aura of Power and Mystique, Spirit of Music, Abstract Luminaries, Spice Merchant and Bittersweet are but a few of my favorites from your gallery. I have always been a fan of yours and know that you love your art because that love comes through in each one of your creations.You truly deserve this distinction and I wiah that I could have arrived a little sooner to tell you.
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