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A member's passing

07/09/10 5:04 PM GMT
Sadly, the daughter of one of the most prominent members of this site wrote to a friend of hers here to let him and others know that VerenaBloo passed away last night. I have no more details right now, but am passing along the info to the many here who have known and appreciated her presence and her art.

edit: a partial quote from her daughter katsmeoww in her post below: "My mom was found peacefully asleep in front of her computer, with a beautiful photo of a purple flower on her screen. We do not have any details as of yet, but she appeared to have passed while resting."
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07/10/10 10:50 AM GMT
I did not find out until Saturday Morning...

She will be missed...

...RIP Bloo...
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07/10/10 11:04 AM GMT
I can't believe Verena is gone -- she was around and posting, and though I have spoken to her, I didn't realize how unwell she was. It does show how much the people on interact behind the scenes! Sometimes you sense (from reading the discussion forums) that there's another conversation going on in the shadows of the stage, with some people getting on and others not quite -- but the messages I've seen here bring it home just how much. Anyway, you couldn't help but notice Verena (and her love for blue), and I was on her friends list for the past several months. She will be very much missed.
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07/10/10 11:54 AM GMT
RIP Verena, you and your art will be missed. Condolances to all your girls.
Very sad news indeed.

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07/10/10 11:55 AM GMT
Verena was one of my very first friends here on Caedes. I knew her as a friendly and true friend, always writing encouraging and lovely comments.
Verena, I'll never forget you!
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07/10/10 12:28 AM GMT
I sit here with tears in my eyes and try to take this sad news in. I do know she endured so much. V. you were loved by so many. I was not on her friends list, but have had some contact with her in the past. She was a sweet, kind and gentle lady. I'm at a loss for any more words.
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07/10/10 1:08 PM GMT
Verena was indeed, someone who offered many kind words, and often, some funny ones as well. She was one who seemed to truly get the sense of community and sharing on the site. Whether it was through her photos, her poetry, or her thoughts on an image or an issue, her fondness for this place and it's members was apparent. She had some very insightful things to say about my images, for example, at times when others may not have seemed to 'get' them.

I too was saddened and stunned upon reading that she was gone.

Bye, Verena. You'll be missed.
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07/10/10 1:32 PM GMT
I only got to know Verena recently, & I know she was a big part of the Caedes community who really cared about people.

Many people will miss her ... Goodbye Verena
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07/10/10 1:48 PM GMT
OMG!! I'm shocked and saddened at this news i'm actually at a loss for words right now..

Verena and I used to have a lot of discussions about various things on Caedes a lot of a time we agreed to disagree but had a deep respect for our opinions.. :) She was always there with an encouraging word on my work as well as others...

I will miss the discussions, the encouragement and friendship..

I know she has had it tough for a few years not only with health but personal and stress which we talked about..

It's a blessing that she passed peacefully doing what she loved, looking and commenting on her beloved Caedes friends.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her beautiful family, she was so proud of you all.

You will be missed V.. you are at peace now :((((

I really can't believe she has gone!
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07/10/10 1:57 PM GMT
Verena was our Artist of the Month back in December. What does everyone think about advancing her as our July AOM, the only person to be AOM twice?

The comments found on this thread could be added in. Maybe include what she wrote for her December AOM.
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07/10/10 2:00 PM GMT
The comments found on this thread could be added in. Maybe include what she wrote for her December AOM.

I'm with you on that one Casechaser . . .
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07/10/10 2:06 PM GMT
I like this idea too. I just feel more should be done for her on Caedes, as a tribute or memorial to her. She was a member since 04, and one of the most popular and faithful.
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07/10/10 2:36 PM GMT
Great idea John! I'm for it too.
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07/10/10 2:52 PM GMT
Very good idea John. A memorial of sorts......I think it's the least we can do for someone who was loved sooo much on the site. Even if they have to bend the rules a bit.......certain occasions call for that. J
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07/10/10 3:04 PM GMT
Maybe we should start a Caedes Hall of Fame and let Verena be our first inductee. This thread and her AOTM thread being added as a part of that.
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07/10/10 3:38 PM GMT
Good idea Tick. She has touched so many members of Caedes over the years that she deserves a great memorial on here.
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07/10/10 3:52 PM GMT
Although I got the very sad news of Verena's passing yesterday afternoon, I couldn't bring myself to acknowledge it here right away. She was amongst the first friends I made at Caedes, and our friendship became closer over the past year, starting with her contacting me about some computer troubles she was having. Since then, we have talked often on the phone and exchanged PMs on a regular basis, the last time only being a couple of days ago. I miss her dearly already, as I'm sure many others here do. Without saying more right now, I shall just say to her family that I loved your Mom, and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. RIP my dear friend!
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07/10/10 4:33 PM GMT
Such sad news. I was shocked when I found out - Verena was one of those members who always commented and was always so kind! I remember her being a good friend to me right from the beginning. It's very sad that we won't hear from her again... she was a wonderful woman xxx :(
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07/10/10 5:16 PM GMT
LynEve told me about Verena's passing and I was shocked to hear it. Verena and I had a special bond. We often shared comments and I loved her style. She bought one of my cameras and I met up with her and her husband Jerry in Oregon so I could give her the camera. She was so exited and was like a little girl about to open a Christmas present. I remember she stopped and took pictures all the way home. That camera drew us together in a strange way and I watched her progress in the following months and it was like magic seeing her improve from day to day. She really loved that camera and I was so happy to see the joy she was having.

We chatted for awhile at our meeting and she showed me her prized possession her Mercury Cougar. Her and her husband were delightful and I wished that I had lived closer. Her passing broke off a piece of my heart and I will miss her very much. My condolences to the family. She left Banks,Oregon to God's hands.
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07/10/10 5:24 PM GMT
What awful news :(
I can't believe it.. Verena always had such lovely things to say.
Rest in peace Verena.
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07/10/10 6:33 PM GMT
I am out of words for the love I am feeling for my Mom here on Caedes. I without a doubt would know how happy my Mom would be if she heard all these wonderful heart warming words you all are expressing!! Myself and my sisters and my mom's grandkids are in utter beyond sick grief right now. But as I see all your writing's it makes her passing a tiny bit easier. I have read each and every one of your comments, and I love you all for loving my Mom. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. I wish she could see how much she was cared for. I think you all made her feel like her life was worth more then she belived it was. And I know she knew how special she was. Me and my mom once recently talked about what would happen when she passed, I said "don't even talk about it....I won't have you to call on a moment's notice and ask how much butter to add to my gumbo roux"....:) We laughed, but I know she knew my heart would never be whole again. She, my best friend.

Thank you all for loving her.
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07/10/10 6:43 PM GMT
PLEASE if there is a way to start a hall of fame, that would be amazing!!!!!! She would feel so privledged, and it would mean the world to me and my sisters! Also, having her be the artist of the month again would be beautiful too. She was SO PROUD to be the artist of the month for December. She was so humble tho, she didnt tell too many people... She deserved more than anyone I have ever met! She was pure of heart, innocent sometimes, like a child, which allowed pain to fester inside of her a bit more than for most. She felt for others so deeply, right into the core of her soul. She viewed each and every photo her friends posted on here, and voted daily. She was so in love with her caedes cadre!! <<grin>> I know that we have discussed when she passed, she always wanted us to laugh and remember the good times, thats what she always tried to do too, on a literal daily basis. I am leaving to spend some time enjoying the outdoors with my sisters at the lavendar days in hood river today. She was hoping to go to. But I will be taking her camera with me (I actually asked her if I could borrow it if she didnt go and she laughed at me like "yeah right, you wish"... but playfully. I know she would have wanted to see what I came up with, as when I went to Lavender Daze last year is when her and I became really close with our photos. So when I return tomorrow night or Monday, I will continue to review all the beautiful tributes to my mother. If I have yet to view one (if I havent faved it yet or commented on it) please send me a pm and tell me what to look for. I have a ways to go at learning my total way around caedes. She was always the one that would help me along the way. I want to see all of your tributes. Your memories of her is the clearest second to her family's, as she often spent more time viewing all of your photos and talking about each of you like she knew you forever!! Thank you all again. Love and peace be with you. --- Marcie ♥♥
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07/10/10 6:46 PM GMT
I would like to respectfully suggest that if a Hall of Fame is instituted that Vamoura also be included.
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07/10/10 7:08 PM GMT
Yes, Vamoura should also be added. I think Cindy is on the right track here.
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07/10/10 7:35 PM GMT
I agree that there should be more added. Hall of Fame. A time that has come.
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07/10/10 7:42 PM GMT
Our prayers are going out to all of Verena's friends and family. May God's peace comfort you all. Hilda
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07/10/10 9:23 PM GMT
I have posted a few words on the front page: News Article.
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07/10/10 9:57 PM GMT
I sadly read this 'news' post on the front page and I was shocked too. I read these comments and felt the love of all the members for Verena. I didn't know her very well, but off course, I you are a member of Caedes, you noticed her work and her kindness. She will be missed!

My condolances to her family and friends.
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07/10/10 10:26 PM GMT
My prayers are with Verena's family!! She was such a joy and what a talented artist!! I always looked forward to seeing her beautiful shots and she always had kind words for mine...She will be greatly missed. What a sad day, and my sincere condolences go out to all her family and friends. Rest in peace, my dear friend!
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07/10/10 10:44 PM GMT
I am shocked and very sad to hear about Verena ....she will be missed very much by her many friends here at Caedes! Adieu Verena! - you have left a mark on many hearts!
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07/10/10 10:55 PM GMT
I just got back from the Black Hills today, and when I opened Caedes my heart sank. The world will miss this beautiful soul. We had many discussions on this site about photography, she was one of my biggest supporters. It's weird how in the computer age, you become attached to someone on an emotional level like this. I wiped tears away as I read this sad news. I will say a prayer for V tonight. She is going to be missed by more people then anyone knows. Rich,
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07/10/10 11:39 PM GMT
I am very sad to hear this! My condolences to her family!
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Just take the picture
07/10/10 11:47 PM GMT
It took a while to find my way here. I don't know yet how to maneuver thru the site, as I have been a member for the sole purpose to view Verena's pictures and those of her friends who post here.
I am Verena's husband, Jerry,of 36 years as of May of last year, when we separated. We shared the world together thru up's and downs and raising our three remarkable daughters and seven grandchildren. Personal issues took their toll, but I am happy at least to say we had regained a place of tender friendship over the last few months.
I am in the most intense grief that I have ever experienced, for I have always known she was incredible in her love and passion for kindnesses, forgiveness, compassion and the things that make the heart smile. Sometimes her intensity would get in the way of logic, but she always meant well and wanted things to end with love, no matter how bad things seemed at the time. She was totally dedicated to this site and the wonderful friendships she had here, as she often shared with little girl excitement the pictures she viewed, the ones she shared, and the ups and downs she experienced. She was one to speak her mind, but then always worried that she may have hurt someones feelings. That to was a treasure. She was all about fairness. Forgiveness. What is right. Willing to help even an enemy if they expressed genuine heartfelt qualities. She loved the sky (remember all the cloud pictures?) but hated that she had a great fear of heights. She saw beauty in everything, and usually a picture to follow! She lived for the classic cars, a day at the beach, and music. About week ago I sat with her and and our teenage twin grand daughters and she was in heaven listening to them play guitars. She said then that her favorite Beatles song was "Across the Universe', that her most favorite song was 'Imagine' by John Lennon. She never stopped loving Chris Issac, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Roy Orbison. Her favorite writer was Oscar Wilde. Favorite car was her own red Cougar, but wished for a '53 MG or a three wheel motorcycle. Lots of spunk, but low on physical energy. About 10 years ago she suffered heart failure and spent a few years with severe circulation problems that required tons of pain meds and leg massage. I sincerely believed she had years ahead of her. I was happy to see her expand and see her interest developing towards dating and creating new beginnings for herself. She had a great fear of being alone, and I feel that is how I hurt her the most. She was to go in for a heart scan next week and I planed go with her so she wouldn't be so afraid.
DigiCamMan (Jerry), that camera has taken second place only to her Cougar! Thank you for all the joy from that. Those of you that knew her, she loved you all more than you can know, for the support and shoulders to cry on, and the chance to help some of you with your stresses and hurts. That ability to be supportive and to help was valuable to herself. I often heard how ones of you were doing and got the progress reports from her with tender care. She planed to have a long and happy life, determined to not instill fear or discontent into her grand kids. We have shared such things constant in our marriage, and again in the past few months. We have shared recipes and had heart to hearts as to how to improve relationships with our children and the value of our grand children and the lessons of incite that the past year and lifetime have given to us both. We have held hands and said our sorrys, but that just isn't enough.I will miss this wonderful soul that dwelt with my shames and sins so gracefully and know that I have lost the most intense supporter I ever could have had in my life. Thank you all for caring for her, for your condolences to our family, and for enjoying the most precious thing she had to share with the world; the pictures that gave us all insite of her most precious way of viewing life and the beauty that exists around us. I will never see the world the same. Good Bye my precious Verena.
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07/10/10 11:51 PM GMT
Caedes will miss Verena's thoughtful encouragements and critiques. I know I will.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Verena ... God Bless!
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07/10/10 11:55 PM GMT
Jerry, our deepest sympathy to you, your children and grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your personal loss with us as well.

Verena was a gently spirit who loved to live life fully, even if vicariously through us in our pictures.

The collective arms of all Verena's fellow Cadesians are wrapped around all of you as you travel thru these dark, grief-filled days.

We were honored that Verena shared herself so openly with us , just as we are honored that you and your children are doing the same.

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07/11/10 12:43 AM GMT
my sympathies to the family.. i have enjoyed many of Verena's pics here.
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07/11/10 1:01 AM GMT
Unfortunately this is the sadness news ever to be announced on Caedes. There was no other like Verena, she was the Queen of Caedes. She was the sweetest thing with all of her very caring and sweet comments, not to mention her talent as a true artist!! She will be missed very much. All my thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. May God bless you all with peace that surpasses all expectations.

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07/11/10 1:29 AM GMT
Goodbye beautiful will be missed terribly. Thank you so very much for touching all of our lives in so many beautiful and wonderful ways.
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07/11/10 1:31 AM GMT
Verena was a kind,gentle,artistic soul. Her vision of life and her captures and artwork gave us a look at the beautiful person she truly was~through and through. Her passion for artwork and inspiring comments were dear to me. So saddened to hear of her passing~God Bless her family. :(
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07/11/10 2:20 AM GMT
With tears in my eyes, I am shocked by this news. Verena was like a Mother to all of us, so sweet with her comments and words. She painted a few of my photos which made me so proud. Her photos in her gallery are so beautiful, She will be missed so much. My prayers go out to her and her family as she looks down from Heaven and reads all these great comments from her Caedes family. I suggest we shut down the site for one day, and post a memorial of one of her photos. God bless you Verena, may you rest in peace.
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07/11/10 2:48 AM GMT
I was very shocked this morning when I received a note from Jacqueline informing me of Verena's passing. Although we may have had our disagreements at times she was a fine photographer and made many generous comments on my artwork as well. She sent me a couple of pm's around May and June I believe, asking where I was and telling me how she enjoyed my work. Regrettably I never got back to her. For that I'm sorry Verena. Life is indeed too short. May you rest in peace. My condolences to your family. Larry
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07/11/10 3:26 AM GMT
There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said many times over. Verena and I exchanged poetry over the years, and for reasons known only to her, made me aware of both the joys and sadness in her life, and the trials associated with her health issues.
Her daughters and grandchildren were always foremost in her thoughts, and I'll paste a line from her last letter, here.

"My daughters and grandchildren love me, and I love them so much."

Her passing is very sad and she will be missed by all who had any form of contact with her. At the same time I'm extremely grateful that physical suffering wasn't a part of it.
She was in the midst of what had become a passion for her. and who could ask for more.
My heartfelt condolences go out to the girls and their children, and I'm proud to be a tiny part of this caring group called Caedes.
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07/11/10 6:51 AM GMT
I just want to say to the family how sorry I am to hear about the passing of Verena. Barn art posted an oil painting of mine from twenty years ago. When Verena saw it she immediately contacted me and said I needed to paint again. I did pick up my brush and posted an autumn picture titled heavy frost. I forgot how great it felt to create something like that. I will miss her support and comments more than you know.
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07/11/10 6:55 AM GMT
I'm completely stunned by the news of Verena's passing.... I've been away for a day or two and just now learned of it. Last Wednesday she commented on one of my posts: "Just lovely, my dear friend. I hope things are well with you. Verena" All of her posts to me were filled with enthusiasm and love in spite of her own difficulties, and her poetry reflected this same attitude about her life.

Verena, my dear friend, I will miss you sorely... but I'm so glad to have had a friend like you.

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07/11/10 7:07 AM GMT
Oh, Lord! I am in shock. I can't believe she passed away. She seemd so full of life and she was so kind and friendly. She was one of the first who welcomed me when I joined Caedes.

May she rest in peace! My best wishes to her family.

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07/11/10 7:41 AM GMT
I am deeply sadened at this news, with tears in my eyes I am trying to type. Verena has left this world but she is not gone, to me she will be in every thing blue, and in all things good. She will be in the music that we hear, in the flowers that grow and in the sound of the sea. She was an inspirationa and an encouraging kind loving friend. I send my best wishes to her family.
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07/11/10 8:42 AM GMT
Verena, I will miss you! My condolences to her family.

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07/11/10 12:39 AM GMT
I am very saddened at the news about Verena. She was a very valuable member of this community and she will be missed. My condolences to her family.
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07/11/10 1:41 PM GMT
My Condolences to her Family. Verena was always a happy and friendly person to me. Many times she'd PM me just to say how she missed the warm summer nights and cypress tree lined bayous of Louisiana. I will miss her smile and sweet personality.
Rest in Peace Verena.

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07/11/10 2:28 PM GMT
My deepest sympathy to Verena's family and friends. Always gracious and helpful with such infectious enthusiasm. I am so stunned and saddened. She often talked to me about getting back to the Ocean. : )
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07/11/10 2:57 PM GMT
Marcie and Amber,

My heart goes out to you guys and your family.
Your mom was a bright light in this oftem dark world. She always had something positive to say. I will miss her and countless others will miss Verena as well. We all loved her so much.

Scott aka connodado
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07/11/10 3:30 PM GMT
May the Lord Bless and keep you, May he make his face to shine upon you, and give you Peace.
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07/11/10 6:36 PM GMT
Verena my dear rest in piece, you well be miss by all.My feeling also go out to family to.God rest and we well keep you in are thoughts.Roger..."gizmo1"
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07/11/10 7:14 PM GMT
I am stricken.. I came back from a little holiday, and expected to open Caedes to see if there was anything new, messages or subscriptions.
This is really sad, I have nothing but good memories of Verena. She was the first to ever comment on a photo I first uploaded here in 2005, she was. And always supportive and positive in her feedback, kind words. She also participated in my video project.

Rest in peace, friend, I am sure she is in a better place now.

- Tero
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07/11/10 9:01 PM GMT
A Dear Friend is no more...
My Dear Friend is no more....
Verena Raye
and “yes”, I ‘m sure she was a true friend of mine, like she was to many of us.

In less than a year she wrote me a lot of letters which I carefully read and saved.
Just read them again... 20.640 words to be exact.
20.640 words I will read many times to follow.

Her last words she wrote to me I'll never forget…

Self confidence is the key to the universe.
All my best to you my dear friend Evert

Twice I up posted a picture dedicated to her....
Rest in Peace my dear friend
You were a true friend.
Evert van Kuik

My condolences to her family
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07/11/10 10:40 PM GMT
A precious lady of many talents. The Caedes group of Artist, and her loved ones, has lost their shining Star. Peace and happiness in all ways dear one. Dwight.
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07/11/10 10:48 PM GMT
I am stunned by how many people knew her here on Ceades! I did not realize at first how many people she had touched with her caring words.
You send a couple words to her in a PM and you would get back close to a page full of love!
It is amazing how you can take that for granted until its gone.
Im going to miss seeing her come on in the late nights posting her work and leaving her long comments! "Wicked Good"
I will be truly sad for a long time!
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07/11/10 11:18 PM GMT
Rest in Peace Verena, you will be deeply missed my dear friend. My condolences and sympathies go out to her family.
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07/11/10 11:52 PM GMT
Verena will be sadly missed by the many people whose lives were enhanced by knowing this wonderful and caring lady. Thank you Verena for giving me the privilege of getting to know you. God bless you. Terry
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I'm not a professional photographer but I enjoy sharing my work with everyone and viewing other peoples work. please visit my gallery Thank you, Terry
07/12/10 12:55 AM GMT
She will be very sadly missed and foreve in all our hearts I am sure... Rest in Peace Verena, thoughts are with all her family and friends at this time of such sadness..
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A photograph is a memory in the raw. I will always treasure mine.
07/12/10 1:15 AM GMT
My Condolences to her Family. She will be missed by us all
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07/12/10 1:51 AM GMT
I think that the size of this page, with it's expressions of love and synpathy for Verena's family, is but a pale indication of how many people's lives she touched during our time together.
I'm saddened that I didn't get to know her as well as some, but gladdened that I DID get some of her time.
She had recently taken me under her wing to help me with my own photography; even though certain comments had caused me to remove the shots I had on here, she wanted me to keep trying.
At one point, she became interested enough in what I was doing to go back through my gallery and look at each fractal, and comment on the ones she liked best. And then she shocked me-- she asked me, a virtual newbie, to make her something in red, like her little Cougar. That image will forever stay in my gallery, even if all the others don't, as a testiment to the kindness and sincere interest she took in other artists.
So to her family, I'd like to say thank you for sharing Verena with us. We are all better for having known her, and our hearts go out to you for your loss. And thank you for being kind enough to involve us all at this sad time, for letting us say our good-byes.
And finally, I think that how Verena was found is somehow appropriate. She passed away doing what she loved.
Rest in peace, dear lady.
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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
07/12/10 1:55 AM GMT
I am so saddened to hear this news, she was a huge inspiration to me and such a wonderful motovation as well! Her photos are the ones that actually hold 1000 words in each one. Her wonderful personality and ambition will be remembered through caedes and her wonderful talent in her photos! I never met her in person of course, but she did make everyone feel as if we knew her for years! I thank her for all the wonderful comments she left on my photos, the emails, and the encouragements! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of loss and I'm sure she up there taking some of the most amazing photos that we could not expierence here on earth... She will be remembered! xo
My dad(also a memeber of caedes...THUNDERsnow- and my mother) also sends their heartfelt sympathy in this time, they really loved the way she commented on everyones photos!
0∈ [?]
07/12/10 5:13 AM GMT
I didn't know her well, but Verena always found the time to comment on my artwork, and I was always thankful for that. She will be missed by me, and many others. Rest in peace Verenabloo
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07/12/10 9:22 AM GMT
Her gallery was a heavenly inspired one. Maybe she just wanted to go closer and to take better pictures. Verena, please send us a bit of inspiration from up there! May you rest in peace! We will miss your comments and you talent!!!!!!

...Till we meet again...!!!

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07/12/10 1:27 PM GMT
Simply ~ a beautiful woman. She will be terribly missed.
My heartfelt sympathy to her family and friends.
0∈ [?]
07/12/10 6:44 PM GMT
It is sad to realize that we will no longer be sharing Verena's wonderful work and her amazing comments. I love the idea of a Hall of Fame and there is no better 1st charter member than Verena. My thoughts are with her family.
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Life is a Constant Audition
07/12/10 9:43 PM GMT
I was recently saddened to hear about Verena! I communicated with her some and she was probably the cause of my inspiration to start ink drawing again. Will miss her, but am happy for her to be in a much better place than here.! Allen
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07/12/10 11:41 PM GMT
I was very saddened to hear the news of Verena's passing. I've always enjoyed her photos and artwork. She was a lovely Lady and good friend to me and many of us here on Caedes. She will be missed very much by us all. My Condolences to her Family and thanks Jimbob for the email letting me know.

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Enjoy nature, Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints
07/13/10 1:10 AM GMT
OH, I'm so saddened by this news on my arrival home from being away. Verena was a dear friend to all of us. I so enjoyed our chats on Skpe and the many jokes we've shared. She will definitely be missed so much and want to send my Deepest Sympathy and Prayers go to Marcie and the rest of the family. I have to say she has given so much support to me since I've been on Caedes. May you Rest in Peace Verena.
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07/13/10 1:43 AM GMT
To all my mothers dear friends: I returned from the Lavender Daze Festival this morning and will do my very best to post some of the pictures I took with Moms camera as soon as I can. I have a lot of learning to do, but Im sure my mom will help me along the way, and there is a huge family I see I have here on Caedes as well! I also wanted to mention that 'Lydiebug' (not sure of the spelling but whom joined today) is one of my sisters daughters, Lydia, one of the "twin" granddaughters my mom spoke so often about. Please welcome her to caedes and send her love if you get a chance. Thank you ALL for the continual outpouring of love and creativity. My mom is smiling for sure. I will continue to update you as events occur, including a possible online auction for some of mothers cherished artwork that she would so love for her dear friends to have, so that the whole world can know she made a creative difference!! She is now a caedes legend, and I want all of her friends to know that this is all so appreciated by me, my sisters, and all of our combined 7 children. Love and blessings to all, ♥Marcie aka Katsmeoww
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07/13/10 1:48 PM GMT
I was saddened to hear about the news of Verena's passing. She was a lady so full of love & warmth. I remember her welcoming me with open arms when I first joined Caedes over 4 years ago & helping me navigate through the site ... that I truly appreciated. She touched so many hearts with her paintings, photography, drawings, artwork, & poetry. Verena's images always brought a smile to my face as I knew / felt she put alot of heart & soul into her artwork. We chatted occassionally ... mostly about the ocean & her love for her family. She's a dear friend that will be truly missed but not forgotten. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family & friends. RIP Verena.
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"I Love Lab's!"
07/13/10 4:01 PM GMT
Hi everybody. I finally figured this whole thing out, but still couldn't seem to get a picture to shrink tiny enough to post as an icon. Oh well. Wish mom were here to help.

This is Verena's eldest daughter, Krystal. I talked to my mom almost every morning, and so often she spoke of all of you. She cherished her friends from Caedes so much---but I just never knew how cherished she was by all of you. I feel like I knew her so well, but I see now that she had a much deeper support system and web of friends than she let on.'s what I know about my mom:

She was the only person in the world that I could always rely on, 100%, no matter what. She loved all of her daughters and grandkids unconditionally and would do anything to assure our happiness. She was a plant person, the one who taught me how to connect with flowers and herbs and trees. She loved the children's book "All the Pretty Little Ponies", which inspired me to create the little herb-stuffed horses I make now. She prayed with us every night as we went to bed, always starting with "Thank you for all the beautiful things...." and letting us name everything our little hearts deemed beautiful. She instilled in us a deep love of the Ocean, and I agree with my will I ever bear to go there again? She made the best gumbo---I still don't know how. She helped me remember how to love even the people who hurt me the most. We both learned how to forgive together. We seemed to often be "in the same place" emotionally, and we bouyed each other up best we could. Her home was always a safe haven for me and my daughters. She loved "cute, little" things, and had a certain naivete' that was sweet and endearing. She nurtured my apple tree the whole time I was away...3 years---and now I will nurture the tiny little oak tree we saved from the yard workers and put in a plant pot....I can see it will thrive.

Mom came to terms with her spirituality shortly before she enlightened herself into the other Realm. She was losing her fear of death and connecting with the light. Her spirit became just too full of light for her body to bear. I know she is in every beautiful thing and I know she is getting stronger and brighter each time we all find beauty in the world.

Thanks for being there for her. You guys rock.
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07/13/10 4:30 PM GMT
Krystal, Marcie and Amber,
From one daughter of a loving mother to heart and thoughts are with you. The way you speak of your mother is near and dear to me, it sounds exactly like my relationship with my mother. Perhaps that's why I took so much to V. I never knew her as well as others but her warm spirit touched me nonetheless. I cannot imagine the pain and the ache from feeling so empty right now. I'm so happy that you all can see just how many lives she has touched, maybe it can ease the hurt a little. Her sweet comments and amazing pictures will live on forever as will her spirit in all of you.
God Bless you and all of your family,
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07/13/10 9:17 PM GMT
RIP Sweet Verena...I haven't been on the site for several years, but remember you as a fun loving, compassionate woman with such a zest for life. I'm very touched about how you were loved by the people here and your family. My sincere condoleances to them.
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07/14/10 7:44 AM GMT
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07/14/10 12:54 AM GMT
RIP Verena. Its a shocking news for me. I will always remember you as person who had great talent and very creative. I will miss you
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If "Ignorance is bliss", why should we seek knowledge?
07/14/10 9:09 PM GMT
I am truly saddened by Verena's passing.
I didn't know her as well as some of you, but in the conversations we had, I could feel she was a wonderful wonderful woman. She will be missed here at Caedas.

My prayers are with here famil.
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07/15/10 9:28 AM GMT
0∈ [?]
07/16/10 3:18 AM GMT
RIP Verena. You inspired me and others with your creative eye for an image, but most of all the time you always took to comment on others work. I am sure even now your composing some awesome images. You will be missed.
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07/16/10 3:29 AM GMT
I remember reading her comments, they were so bright, cheery, and encouraging. Goodbye V.
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07/17/10 4:32 PM GMT
Verena is truly a legend to the caedes community and we will miss her very much. Good bye dear friend. May your gallery and encouragements live on at and in our hearts for a very long time.
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07/17/10 5:49 PM GMT
Hello again everyone. I posted this on another thread, but wanted to share it again here for those of you who may not have seen it:

13/07/10 22:08
I am writing to you all tonight to let you all know what we have decided to do in memorial to my mother, Verenas, recent passing. My sisters, Krystal, Amber, and I, along with our dad and our husbands met tonight in a beautiful place to discuss just how and what we wanted to do for my mother now that she has passed on. We had a lengthy discussion as to what she would want, who she would want there, where her ashes would be spread, etc..
We decided to have a private service for her, as a family, with all her daughters and grandchildren, and our dad as well, this Saturday night (July 17th), at sunset, approx 9:01 p.m PST, at her beloved Oregon Coast, where we will set her free to the ocean, where she wanted to be.
We would like to invite all who love her to share in this moment by taking a few moments of silence, burning a candle, or doing whatever you feel would be fitting at that moment, for my mom.
My mother was a very sincere person, so timid in ways, and so bold in others. We feel that having her family together to let her go would be what she would want. You all have been a huge part of her family, so I would never expect to leave you out. If you would like to send flowers or cards, you can send them to my address. A few of all flowers received will go into the ocean with my beautiful mother as we set her free. I am including my personal address to have any chosen sentiments sent to. If you would like the flowers to be included in our service, please have them arrive by Friday July 16th. But please do not feel that you must send a thing, as a moment of silence or a small loving thought or ritual or posting would absolutely be quite enough for this beautiful, humble soul.
Thank you all with all my heart for your loving support, words, and tributes. You all really have no idea just how much it has helped our family through this very painful loss. Please feel free to post any last words, thoughts, etc..

May peace and love be with all of my mother's friends.

Love Always,
♥Marcie♥ aka Katsmeoww

Marcie Raye Denney
3039 NW Overlook Drive #1128
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: (503) 547-7906

I am including a link so you can convert your time zone into PST if you would like to take a photo where you are at the time we set her free, as that appears to be the plan for many.

Love you all, and we will never forget all of your sweetness and kindness during this amazingly unexpected and difficult time.

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07/17/10 6:15 PM GMT
I am truly sorry to hear this sad news. I`m not around here much anymore but just wanted to send my most sincere sympathy to Krystal, Marcie and Amber. Verena joined here a couple of days after me and in her work I found insparation and found encouragment from her kind words on mine. A lovley lady who will be sadly missed.

God Bless You Verena and all your family.
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Save the Cheerleader......Save the World! Ians gallery
07/19/10 1:19 PM GMT
Being newer to the site, I did not know Verena very well, but I greatly appreciated the wonderful photos in her gallery. She will be missed, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of our dear Verenabloo.
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07/19/10 1:20 PM GMT
Being newer to the site, I did not know Verena very well, but I greatly appreciated the wonderful photos in her gallery. She will be missed, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of our dear Verenabloo.
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Revan Delkaoth - Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good to them that love God and to them who are the called according to His purpose."
07/19/10 3:26 PM GMT
I have been using this site for a very long time but hardly ever comment and I don't think I've submitted anything-but I know who the frequent commentators and posters are and I am very sorry to hear of the loss of our talented Verena. I just saw the post and I will burn some incense for her this evening. I think the memorial idea is really great. Spitfired, your post brought tears to my eyes. I will burn incense for you too.. yours and Verena's together.. and know when you touch the ocean, she will be there with you, as goes the circle of life.. all things become one.
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in bed.
07/20/10 11:12 PM GMT
I'm so very sad to hear about Verena's passing! I always enjoyed her posts and looked forward to them! My thoughts and prayers are with her family, she'll truly be missed!
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07/21/10 6:28 AM GMT
I'm going to miss Verena! I loved her work, friendship and always looked forward to her comments. My prayers are with her family.
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shoot to thrill
07/22/10 7:28 PM GMT
Verena was one of the first to welcome me to Caedes; her comments were always welcome and her art outstanding. She will be missed for all this and more.
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07/25/10 5:07 PM GMT
Verena made all of us feel like we were here best friend.
She must have spent so much time writing each and everyone of us and still she encouraged us to correspond even more.
What an amazing personality.
I still have her invitation in my mail to come over with my family and spent a holiday in Oregon.
I am sorry that I have to put down your invitation Verena. Maybe some other time, in heaven!

Love you,

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07/27/10 6:03 AM GMT
I know that this site is not the same without my moms massive "karma"!! But she is surely excited that all this love has been poured out in her behalf. I could just imagine her blushing at all the attention! I often listen to the last few voicemails she left for me on my phone. And I have to stop and think before calling her everyday. I love that so many people loved her, I wish she had realized it too. Remember tell anyone you are close to how much they mean... because ya never know when they may be gone!!
Much love and peace to all of my moms beautiful friends...
♥Marcie aka katsmeoww
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Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.
07/29/10 6:18 PM GMT
Verena added so much to this site as well as so many lives. She will be missed by all.
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07/30/10 7:40 AM GMT
I just came back from a trip without internet.
Received an email from one of her daughters... What a shock!
I'm so sad...
When she came on the site, she was very curious about Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, ... I remember I sent a lot of PMs and emails to explain.
Also, she was very demanding about photography. Not happy with her Nikon little cam. Then she bought a second hand Canon Reflex camera.
She wanted to post the most interesting captures, despite her legs problems.

You are in my heart, Verena.
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08/08/10 3:02 PM GMT
It is truly shocking to hear the sad demise of our own lovely Verena..

May the soul rest in peace.....
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
08/08/10 7:10 PM GMT
I've just returned from several months of taking care of my sister who has cancer and read of this sad event.
My heart goes out to Verenas' family. In her passing, she has left a large hole in this community. She was bright spot here, every day. Her comments and encouragements were always from the heart, and she will sorely be missed. I don't think a week would go by that she didn't send an email of encouragement to me as my family is going through this hard time with my sister, and I'm really going to miss her. I'm sure that she has her camera out right now and is busy taking pictures of her new home.
May GOD keep and bless her!!
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08/20/10 4:44 PM GMT
My sincere condolences to Verena's family and friends. When I first became a member, she was one of the first people to introduce herself and compliment my photos. Thank you Ms. Bloo, you were an inspiration and friend to us all.

0∈ [?]
09/04/10 11:09 AM GMT
To all of my mothers dear friends:
I have been unavailable to caedes as my computer and specific circumstances have been quite disfunctional :). I hope all of you are doing well, and I have many beautiful photos to share via my moms amazing camera. Things are more than tough, not having mom to call. I cannot tell you all how many times a week I feel the urge to call her and just talk and cry about all the life lessons I have had over the past couple months. However, she has become a great conscience to me and my family, as to how to live our lives. She was AMAZING. Cant wait to share my photos with you all.

Peace and Love, Marcie aka Katsmeoww
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Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.
09/05/10 12:42 AM GMT
She will always be with you Marcie, look forward to seeing your pics
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